The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 2 Walkthrough

Continuing the Lunar New Year in The Sims FreePlay, today (February 15, 2015) is day two of the event. We’ve got a whole new set of tasks to complete. Remember, completing the quest within the time limit allows access to the Lion costume for two Sims to wear.

The “Red Lanters” which are shown in the park throughout the event become available for purchase when the event starts. Any purchases made will not count against the two that are required to be bought on Day 6. Similar to the Xmas and New Year’s quests, the Lunar New Year 2015 quest line is split up into separate days and will not appear again.

Day 2 (February 15, 2015) Walkthrough

Step 1: As a Sim about Red Packets (1 min)

It’s a Lunar New Year tradition in Sim Town to give each other red packets filled with Simoleons at a reunion dinner. To do that, your Sim needs more of them. Have a Sim ask another about where to get red packets from.)

Step 2: Have 3 Sims Cheer for the Lion Dancers (10 min for each) 

Apparently, you can’t buy red packets just anywhere! Hmm.. they need to get red packets some other way. Idea! The lion dancers threw some red packets into the air after your Sim cheered for them. Try it again! Have 3 Sims cheer for the lion dancers.)

Step 3: Call Mom on a phone (48 seconds)

It worked! The lion dancers gave your Sims more red packets to be exchanged during the reunion dinner. Speaking of which, they need to prepare a little more. Hmm… how do you prepare that special family dish again? Call Mom and find out!)

Step 4: Grow Onions (7 hours)

Okay, the first ingredient you’re going to need for the family reunion dinner is fresh onion. Grow some onion in a garden patch.)

Step 5: Go Fishing & ‘Settle In’ (9 hours)

Your Sims would like to have some nice fresh fish for the reunion dinner too! Go to the park, then have your Sim ‘Settle In’ and use the fishing rod by the lake.

That fish looks delicious! Your Sims are going to enjoy that at the Lunar New Year reunion dinner for sure!

Come back to find out what happens next!

Day 2 of the Lunar New Year Event 2015 complete!

Continue to Day 3.


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