The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 1 Walkthrough

The Lunar New Year has begun in The Sims FreePlay. Starting today, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Goat) with lanterns, lion dancers, and a brand new Sunset Mall.

With the new update though, we’ve got a new line of quests: The Lunar New Year Event 2015. Completing this quest within the time limit allows access to the Lion costume for two Sims to wear.

The “Red Lanterns” which are shown in the park throughout the event become available for purchase when the event starts. Any purchases made will not count against the two that are required to be bought on Day 6. Similar to the Xmas and New Year’s quests, the Lunar New Year 2015 quest line is split up into separate days and will not appear again.

Day 1 (February 14, 2015) Walkthrough

Step 1: Visit the Park

The Lunar New Year is almost upon us! Sim Town is celebrating by having some lion dancers perform in the park. Go to the park to and check it out.

Step 2: Cheer for the Lion Dancers (1 hr 10 mins)

The lion dancers look magnificent! Have a Sim ‘Cheer’ for the lion dancers.

Step 3: Discuss Lunar New Year (1 min)

Being Sim Town’s first ever Lunar New Year, some of your Sims aren’t sure how to celebrate it. Discuss Lunar New Year with another Sim.

Step 4: Buy a Classic Cupboard (§200, keep it after this task since you’ll need it again on Day 6)

Lunar New Year in Sim Town is about bringing the family together for a reunion dinner. Hang on, a reunion dinner? But your Sim hasn’t cleaned the house yet! Buy a classic cupboard in the ‘Counter Tops’ section of the Home Store and place it in a house.)

Step 5: Sweep the House (3 hrs 30 mins)

Great! Now tap on the classic cupboard and select ‘Sweep House’.)

Cheer for the Lion Dancers (3 mins)

Much better! Okay, one of your Sims wants to go to the park to watch the lion dancers again. Cheer for the lion at the park.)

A red packet? It sounds like there’s money inside! Perhaps the lion meant it as a gift for your Sim. How wonderful!

Come back to find out what happens next!

Day 1 of the Lunar New Year Event 2015 complete!

Continue to Day 2.


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