The Sims FreePlay: ‘Love Is In The Air’ Quest Walkthrough

Love is in the Air - The Sims FreePlay Quest Walkthrough

Love Is In The Air is a small quest in The Sims FreePlay unlocked at Level 7. Completing this quest allows your Sims to “WooHoo,” and if completed within the time limit of two days, you can unlock the wedding bundle.

The longest part of this quest comes near the end, and requires you to “chat about engagement on the phone” for 4 hours and 30 minutes. Plan accordingly, as you must complete the entire quest chain within 48 hours to unlock the “wedding bundle.”

“Love Is In The Air” Quest Walkthrough

Quick Rinse – 6 seconds

Have 2 Sims in one House – Invite a Sim over

Be Romantic – 1 minute

Make an Expresso – 30 seconds

Flirt with Another Sim – 5 minutes

Form a Budding Romance (Continue flirting) – 5 minutes each time until the bar is filled

Have Two Sims Watching a Movie – 1 hour 45 minutes

Form a Dating Relationship (Continue flirting)

Make a Sim Kiss Another on the Cheek – 2 seconds

Send a Sim Home

Have a Catnap – 27 minutes

Have 2 Sims in the Same House

Be Romantic to Another Sim – 1 minute

Become Partners (continue being romantic)

Woo-Hoo – 5 minutes (only five minutes!?)

Buy two Roses from the store

Get Engaged – 6 seconds

Chat about Engagement on the Phone – 4 hours 30 minutes

Make 2 Engaged Sims Move In Together – 6 seconds

Have 3 Sims in One House

Get Married – 6 seconds


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