The Sims FreePlay: Internet Kitten Hobby

The Sims FreePlay Internet Kitten hobby

The Internet Kitten Hobby is unlocked once you complete the “A Puppy Odysseydiscovery quest. There’s no time limit on this hobby; however, you do need to purchase a kitten from the pet store to complete it.

Who can become an internet kitten owner?

Adult and teen Sims can become internet kitten owners.

How to become an internet kitten owner?

To become an internet kitten owner, you must first complete A Puppy Odyssey. Then purchase a Kitten Play Box ($1,000) from the Promotions R’ Us Store. It will go into the “Hobby & Career” tab in your inventory for you to place in your house.

Kitten Play Box: Internet Kitten Options:

  • Kitten Snippet- 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Kitten Series- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Kitten Compilation- 12 hours 30 minutes

Internet Kitten Levels:

  1. Copy Cat
  2. Feline Good
  3. Catch The Mewment
  4. Clawsome Purformer
  5. Neownificent
  6. Pawsitively Entertaining

Internet Kitten Hobby Rewards

The first time you complete this hobby you will unlock the Persian cat breed. Both Kittens and Adults are 3-stars. The Kitten costs 68 LPs, while the Adult costs 82 LPs.

The next five times you complete this hobby you will receive rugs.




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