The Sims FreePlay: Here’s what the 9 different Long Hair styles look like

Long Hairstyles in The Sims FreePlay are unlocked for free by completing the Fashion Designer hobby during the ‘Long Hair Event,’ a recurring event that used to be called ‘Ringlets of Fire’.

There are a total of 9 long hairstyles, with a new hairstyle rewarded at random each time you complete the collection (find all 12 fashion pieces).

Each hairstyle comes in 4 colours (black, brown, blonde, and red). These are unlocked in a random order.

1. Long Shoulder Ponytail:

2. Full Fringe Ponytail:

3. Long Cornrows:

4. Long Parted [Braided] Ponytail:

5. Long Straight Over Ear:

6. Long Double Ponytail:
7. Long Back Parted Ponytail:

8. Long Straight:

9. Long Straight Fringe

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