The Sims FreePlay ‘Halloween 2016’: Night of the Candy Monsters Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay Night of the Candy Monsters

With the release of the Halloween 2016 update for The Sims Freeplay comes the return of the Night of the Candy Monsters Quest. This 9 day quest, if you haven’t already completed it, unlocks a Halloween costume pack including a Witch, Ghost, Pirate, Zombie, and more.

Although the quest is 9 days in total, it is actually split into parts, which must be completed in a certain amount of allotted time.If you complete the entire quest in 9 days you will receive the costume pack; however, you can also receive a prize of different costumes for different age Sims when you complete each part.

Below is a walkthrough for each part:

Part 1 (Fawn costume for Adult Female / Frankenstein costume for Adult Male)

Part 2 (Astronaut costume for Toddlers)



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