The Sims FreePlay Guide: How to complete Simtown Health Spa Community Event

Sims Freeplay Simtown Health Spa Guide

With today’s Spa Update for The Sims FreePlay comes a new global community event — Simtown  Health Spa.

This event is similar to the one we experienced with Tropical Romance Island. That is, the Sims FreePlay community must work together to reach specific milestones in order to unlock new items. Rather than unlocking areas on an island, however, you are working to unlock items for your homes, with the final prize being a Spa template that you can built on a house lot (check out all the rewards you can get here).

Simtown Health Spa is a 12 day long global community event.

“Everything you need to design your own health spa including saunas, massage tables, and more! Collect gems to unlock new items and choose the ones you want!”

Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Event Items

As you can see, you are now collecting gems in stead of fruit, which cost SP to speed up gem collecting.

Similarly you have both personal progress goals and community progress goals. Community progress is for everyone playing the game during the event, not just you and your neighbors. They look like this:

Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Personal Progress

Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Community Progress

New to this specific event are daily goals, as well as different time options to select when collecting gems.

Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Daily Goals

Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Collecting Gems


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