The Sims FreePlay gets new DIY ‘Dream Homes’ update. Here’s what’s new

The Sims FreePlay Dream Homes

EA’s free-to-play mobile game The Sims FreePlay has received a new update today, introducing a slew of Do-It-Yourself projects that’ll help you achieve your ultimate “Dream Home.”

In total, the update introduces three new quest, available at level 15+, that will unlock Patios, Balconies, and Basements when completed.

– Spruce up your home with wonderful patios as part of the DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio quest.

– Finish the DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest and step out onto stylish balconies.

– Build underground as part of the DIY Homes: Basement of Kings quest.

– Explore the Home Store as it is overflowing with different items.

– Add hallways, create smaller rooms, and much more!

The quests will become available on a scheduled basis beginning today with “DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio” quest. In the following weeks you’ll get the Balcony Quest (DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony) and Basement Quest (DIY Homes: Basement of Kings). Additionally, there’s new and exciting Limited Time Prizes in the DIY Homes series of quests, including a Make Out Couch, luscious planters, and a new mansion. New items have also been added to the Home store.

Check out the unlisted changes that came with the Dream Homes Update:

– unconnected buildings on the same lot can be different heights

– can build smaller rooms – 1×2 is the smallest

– three new lots to build on the island

– new house – Hallway House

– new preview button for pre-made houses

– billboard on the main land

– price of pool pavings have decreased

– more XP for actions for babies

– figure skating only has one time option now (12 hours)

– video offers are now for LP, SP, and TV

– Beachside Escape and Haunted House now costs simoleons

– Social Point Plant (pay 5LP to win SP)

– can now see where furniture is on the floor above when placing stairs

– 3rd floor costs §500,000 (instead of 100LP)

– Life Point Lotus is now yellow (instead of pink), simoleon sprout is green (instead of purple)

– some LP items now cost §

– Seniors walk faster

– rugs have their own section now

– “Sunny Weather” now called “Blue Skies” on weather machine


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