The Sims FreePlay: Easy, Free LP and Simoleons with Cooking Hobby

The Sims FreePlay - Cooking for Free LP and SimoleonsIn the past, we’ve detailed various “hacks” and glitches to get free LP and Simoleons, but with every patch and update, it gets harder and harder. Thankfully, there are strategies that accomplish the same thing, and they are totally legal and safe.

In this strategy, you can earn lots of LP and Simoleons for free, and easy (courtesy of plorp)

1. Place 10 ovens, toasters in one house.

2 . Place 10 Sims in same house and do 1 minute cooking.

3. Do the same for a second house

4. Keep a diving board, workbench, or fashion studio handy to reset Sims hobby once they max on cooking.

Essentially, what you have is two houses with 20 total Sims doing 1 minute cooking. You’ll be able to reset the cooking hobby every 3-5 minutes, which will net you about 5 LP and 6,000 Simoleons. When a Sim gets to level 10 in cooking, just reset the hobby and do it all over again for additional LP every 6 hours.

With this strategy, you can earn over 100 LP and 150K Simoleons every hour.


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