The Sims FreePlay ‘Doctor, Doctor’ Update revealed

If you’ve ever wanted to live the Grey’s Anatomy lifestyle, get ready, because The Sims FreePlay just announced a new update that’ll take you deep into the heart of Sim Town Hospital.

Like Grey’s Anatomy, it looks like the update is filled with all the intense drama you’d see on the Shonda Rhyme’s show. When your Sims aren’t in surgery, they’ll probably be found making out in the dark medical supply closet. The question is: McDreamy or McSteamy?

Oh wait, they’re both dead now.

In any case, it looks like the “Doctor, Doctor” update will be available shortly. The video says “today” so I’m assuming the update will go live soon.

Exact details for what the update will contain haven’t been shared, but you can expect it to be similar with The Sims FreePlay’s previous updates — the Police Station and Movie Studio, both of which introduced two new, in-depth careers. Here’s the description:

Get ready to scrub up and diagnose some fun in The Sims FreePlay! A brand new hospital has been injected into Sim Town, and are in need of doctors, and nurses. It’s time to start your new profession. Stat!

In all likelihood, the “Doctor, Doctor Update” will open up the Sim Town Hospital, where you’ll be able to escort your Sim to work and perform tasks to progress through what will likely be two different medical careers tracks. While players have enjoyed the opportunity to explore new areas, especially with careers, there’s been some complaints about the repetitive grind with each profession. Hopefully, the Sim Town Hospital avoids that.


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