The Sims FreePlay: DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay DIY Homes: Patio

With the new Dream Homes update for The Sims FreePlay comes three new quest lines for DIY Homes that will unlock Patios, Balconies, and Basements when completed.

The first, titled DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio, is available today (April 28, 2015). You have 7 days to complete this quest. If done in time, you’ll unlock the following:

– Wonderful patios to build at any home

– Colorful outdoor furniture and decorations for your patios and lawns

– The perfectly romantic Make Out Couch

The DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio quest is available at level 15+. It’s a discovery question, therefore it can be started at any time. Below is the complete walkthrough for DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio.

“The woman in the park looks like the host of a home renovation show.
She seems like the kind of person who could teach your Sim how to build

Can your Sim develop the talents of a handyman?”

Talk to Bree (1 min – § 5)
  (This Sim looks familiar. The flannel shirt and hard hat scream “home renovation show.” That’s it! She’s Bree, the DIY Gal! What is she doing here?
  Have a Sim talk to Bree in the Park.)

– Ponder on a Chair (2 mins 24 secs – § 10)
(Bree thinks your Sim’s home would be perfect for a “Peaceful Patios” episode of her show. That means cameras, national TV and all!
  Your Sim isn’t sure if they’re excited or anxious.
  Have them return home and ponder in a chair.)

– Call a friend (4 mins – § 15)
  (Your Sim can get a patio and fame from a TV appearance. But are they photogenic?     And what should they wear?
  Your Sim needs help sorting out their feelings.
  Have them call a friend on the phone.)

– Call a Cab to DIY Home (Instantly – § 5)
  (Your Sim’s friend had great advice: get a better feel of what’s in store before making a decision. Bree invited your Sim to the DIY Home. Let’s take her up on it and get more information on this filming thing!
  Use a phone to call a cab to the DIY Home.)

– Question Bree (3 hrs 30 mins – § 160)
  (Wow! This house is… wow… And that patio! Your Sim is excited, but they’re on a mission.
  Have a Sim question Bree at the DIY home to get more details about the show.)

– Join Bree for Interview (10 hrs 30 mins – § 430)
  (Bree would like to do a trial interview to help your Sim make up their mind. She’ll throw the recording away if your Sim doesn’t like it.
  Have a Sim join Bree for an interview at the DIY home.)

– Watch the interview at DIY Home (on TV 4 mins 30 secs – § 10)
  (Bree thinks your Sim was awesome on camera and wants to show them the best parts of the interview.
  Have a Sim watch the interview on the DIY Home’s TV.)

– Read DIY Magazine at DIY Home (5 hrs 30 mins – § 240)
  (After watching the interview, your Sim is all in. So many exciting things to plan and do! Bree wants to film your Sim doing some research on patio ideas.
  Read the DIY magazine at the DIY home.)

– Have 2 Sims at DIY Home (Instantly – § 5)
  (Your Sim’s head is full of ideas, but they can’t decide which ones are good. They need help.
  Have two Sims at the DIY home.
  (Send a Sim to the DIY home by calling for a cab from a phone, or by using the Simtracker.))

– Discuss Patio with a Sim (10 mins – § 15)
  (Okay, time for the hard discussions. Polka dots or stripes? Wait… Is that even patio-related? Your Sim is too excited to make any sense, but their friend will help.
  Have two Sims discuss patios with each other at the DIY home.)

– Present Ideas to Bree (20 mins – § 20)
  (Once your Sim calmed down, it didn’t take long to decide what their perfect patio would be. They are ready to present their idea to Bree.
  Have a Sim present a plan for their dream patio to Bree.)

– Measure Patio Space (12 hrs 30 mins – § 500 – any house lot)
  (Bree loves the plan and can’t wait to start building the patio with your Sim! They need to measure the space first so that Bree can draw the blueprints.
  Send a Sim home and tap the ‘X’ to measure the available space.)

– Finalize the Patio Plan (2 hrs 30 mins – § 120)
  (The measurements are taken, and your Sim can picture the patio in their mind.
  Have a Sim head back to the DIY Home and share the measurements with Bree to finalize the plans for the patio.)

– Bake Pumpkin Pie at DIY Home (10 hrs – § 50 – Can be prepared in advance anywhere)
  (Oh oh… Someone didn’t order enough materials to build your Sim’s patio! Bree needs to sort this out with the network coordinators. In the meantime, why not bake something to thank her?
  Have a Sim bake a pumpkin pie in the DIY home.)

– Prepare Lemonade at DIY Home (2 hrs 20 mins – § 120)
  (The sweet treat is ready, but your Sim should make drinks, too. Pumpkin pie and lemonade sounds good, right?!
  Have a Sim use the fridge to make some lemonade in the DIY Home.)

– Clean the DIY Home (16 hrs 30 mins – § 600)
  (Your Sim made a bit of a mess while cooking. They should clean the place up.
  Tap on a cupboard to have a Sim clean the DIY home.)

– Buy Outdoor Decorations (Instantly when reaching § 5,000 – xp 250)
(Your Sim is getting anxious waiting for Bree. They need to keep busy. Oh! They can decorate the lawn to have pretty things to look at once they have a patio.
  Go home and buy 5,000 Simoleons worth of outdoor decorations for your Sim’s lawn.)

– Fall asleep in a bath (2 hrs 20 mins – § 300 – Can be prepared in advance)
  (Whew! Lawn work is hard work. It’s time for your Sim to relax and clean themselves off a bit.
  Have a Sim fall asleep in a bath.)

– Hang out with a Sim (24 hrs – § 820)
  (Bree still isn’t back from her discussion with the network! How big of a materials mix-up is she dealing with? Will your Sim even get a patio?
  Maybe passing the time with a friend will help calm your Sim’s nerves.
  Have two Sims hang out together.)

– Call Bree (4 mins – § 5)
(Bree should be back by now. Maybe she needs help dealing with the network. Your Sim isn’t an expert, but they should call her, just in case.
  Call Bree from a phone!)

– Build a Patio (Instantly – § 5)
  (Oh! Bree’s here! All of the mix-up with the materials are resolved, and your Sim and Bree can build a patio. Yay!
  Open the Home Store to find the Patio tab. Follow the instructions to build your own patio.)

– Have 3 Sims at DIY Home (Instantly – § 5)
(Amazing work from everyone! Bree wants to invite your Sim and two friends to celebrate a job well done at the DIY Home.
  Have 3 Sims visit the DIY Home.
  (To reach the DIY Home, call a cab from any phone. Once one Sim is there, use the Simtracker to invite the others.))

– Have 3 Sim party with Bree (3 hrs 30 mins – § 160)
  (Everyone’s here! Time to have a good time for the camera. Bree’s really excited to get footage of everyone dancing around.
  Tap on the outdoor stereo at the DIY Home and choose ‘Party with Bree’. Make sure to do this with 3 Sims.)

– Talk to Bree (5 mins – § 10)
(That was so much fun! Your Sim can’t wait to have guests over on their own patio.
  Bree would like to have a chat with your Sim before they leave.
  Have a Sim talk to Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Have all Sims leave DIY Home (Instantly – § 5)
  (Your Sim never thought about becoming a TV star, but they really enjoyed the experience. Bree did, too! She’s even thinking of coming back for a balcony project. But for now, it’s time to say goodbye.
  Have all your Sims leave the DIY Home by sending them home or calling them elsewhere with the Simtracker.)

Congratulations! Patios are now available to build, customize and enjoy! Simply open the ‘Home Store’ and start building by following the instructions.

A bundle of patio-themed furniture and decorations has been added to
the store as well!

Congratulations! The Make Out Couch has been added to the Home Store. Teens can cuddle on it, and Adults can have make out sessions! (The first one is free!)


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