The Sims FreePlay: DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay

DIY Homes: Lovey Dovey Baclony Quest, the second quest line part of the new Dream Homes update for The Sims FreePlay, is now available. Completing this quest for Bree will reward you with:

  • Amazing balconies to take your homes to a whole new level
  • Outdoor staircases
  • Planters to liven up your home (if completed within the time limit)
  • Gorgeous multi-purpose privacy screens (if completed within the time limit)

The DIY Homes: Lovey Dovey Balcony quest is available at level 15+. It’s a discovery question, therefore it can be started at any time; however, you must have already completed the DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio Quest (Walkthrough here) which rewards you with the ability to build patios, purchase outdoor furniture and decorations for your new patio or lawn, and purchase the romantic Make Out Couch..

Below is the complete walkthrough for DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest.

– Say Hello to Bree (5 mins)
(Bree, the DIY Gal, is back! The last time your Sim saw her, she helped them build a patio. She mentioned something about balconies when she left. Is that why she’s back?
Have a Sim talk to Bree at the Community Center.)

– Ask Bree “What’s Up” (5 mins)
(Bree tries to sound cheerful, but her hello falls flat. Her shoulders are slumped and she has bags under her eyes. Something is off.
Have a Sim ask Bree “What’s up” at the Community Center.)

– Watch a “DIY Homes” Marathon (10 hrs)
(The network isn’t happy with the show’s performance and asked for a mind-blowing balcony episode. Bree may lose her show if she can’t think of a theme! Maybe your Sim can get an idea from previous seasons of “DIY Homes.”
Have a Sim watch a “DIY Homes” marathon on a TV.)

– Research competitors on a computer (4 hrs 30 mins)
(After watching previous seasons of “DIY Homes”, your Sim knows the show’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it’s good, so why are the other DIY shows more popular?
Have a Sim research competitors on a computer.)

– Go to the DIY Home
(Ideas and information swirl around your Sim’s head. “DIY Homes” seems to need more emotion, but your Sim is unsure how to solve that. They should chat with Bree.
Send a Sim to the DIY Home by calling a cab from any phone.)

– Brainstorm with Bree (45 mins)
(Oh! Your Sim had a great idea during the cab ride. They’re super excited to share it with Bree and brainstorm about how it could work.
Have a Sim brainstorm ideas with Bree.
(To reach the DIY Home, call a cab from any phone.))

– Have 2 Sims at the DIY Home
(Bree likes the “Lovey-Dovey Balcony” theme. It reminds her of that famous play! She’ll pitch it to the network. In the meantime, your Sim should find a second actor.
Have 2 Sims at the DIY Home.
(Send a Sim to the DIY Home by calling for a cab from a phone, or by using the Simtracker.))

– Explain role to another Sim (15 mins)
(Both Sim actors are here, but the one who just arrived has no idea what they’re meant to do.
Have a Sim explain to them their role in the upcoming balcony-themed show.)

– Examine the cameras (10 hrs 30 mins, pick any camera)
(Woah, slow down a minute… The second Sim isn’t sold on the idea. What if they can’t even act?! They’d like to practice without cameras first.
Examine the cameras at the DIY Home to make sure they’re off.)

– Have 2 Sims rehearse flirting (10 mins)
(Ok, the cameras are off. Your two Sims are alone, and no one is watching.
Have two Sims rehearse flirting with each other at the DIY Home.)

– Make out on a couch (use “make-out couch” in the basement, 16 mins when second Sim joins)
(Flirting with each other worked out okay. It shouldn’t be a problem to do it in front of cameras, but what about kissing? They should practice that, too. For the sake of show business and all.
Have two Sims use the ‘Make Out Couch’ in the basement of the DIY Home.)

– Have 2 Sims waltz together (21 hrs 30 mins)
(Bree walked in on the make out session. Awkward…
The network wants to check the actors’ chemistry before signing off on the theme. Let’s film the meeting of the lovers at a dance.
Tap on the stereo at the DIY Home and choose ‘Wait for Partner’. Then with another Sim choose ‘Waltz’.)

– Court another Sim (7 hrs 30 mins)
(What a beautiful dance scene! And what a great reel of bloopers!
Bree checks her notes. Next, the lovers should court each other from the balcony.
Have a Sim court another Sim at the DIY Home.)

– Kiss another Sim (3 secs)
(The first part of the courtship scene is lovely! Your Sims could convince any audience that their love is true. It’s time for the kiss!
Have one Sim kiss another at the DIY Home.)

– Hide behind a bed (12 mins)
(A mysterious shadow appeared on the set! It’s… it’s Grim Reaper! Run! Hide! Women and children first!
Have a Sim hide behind a bed at the DIY Home.)

– Chat with Grim (5 mins)
(This is odd… Grim isn’t chasing your Sims or threatening them in any way. What could he want, then?
Have a Sim chat with Grim at the DIY Home.)

– Read the original play (1 day)
(A tear rolls down Grim’s cheek. He thought he had a role to play in the episode, and that this was his shot at becoming an actor. It was in the original play!
Have a Sim read the original play from the DIY Home’s bookshelf and find a new role for Grim.)

– Offer Grim a new role (5 mins)
(Your Sim has an idea! Grim could be a friend who supports the suitor and encourages them to go after the one they love.
Have a Sim speak to Grim at the DIY Home to see if he agrees to the new role.)

– Act out a scene with Grim (10 hrs 30 mins)
(Grim agrees to play the supporting role! He straightens his robe a bit and is ready to film.
Have a Sim act out the new scene with Grim at the DIY Home.)

– Re-shoot kissing scene (3 secs)
(Grim had his five minutes of fame, and seems… giddy!? Now, your Sims can re-shoot the kissing scene without him popping up.
Have one Sim kiss another again. Maybe many times… For the DIY Home’s cameras.)

– Comfort Grim (10 hrs 30 mins)
(What a beautiful moment! Tear-jerking, really.
Grim weeps, like a big softy.
Have a Sim comfort Grim at the DIY Home.)

– Email scenes to the network (35 mins)
(Now that all the romantic scenes are finished, they need to be sent off to the network. Hopefully, that’ll convince them to green-light the budget to build a balcony.
Have a Sim email the scenes to the network from the computer in the DIY Home.)

– Build a balcony at home (minimum cost: § 7,800 for a 2×1)
(The network replied almost immediately. They loved the scenes and signed off on the balcony budget! It’s time to return home and build a balcony there.
Go to a home with two or more floors and open the Home Store to access balconies.)

– Wrap things up with Bree (15 mins)
(Despite the bumps on the way, your Sim is very satisfied with the final result. The network thought your Sims were cute and Grim was thankful for his role. Your Sim should confirm that Bree has all the footage she needs.
Have a Sim wrap things up with Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Have all Sims leave the DIY Home
(Bree confirms that the episode is ready for editing and post-production magic. Your Sim may have saved her career! It’s goodbye for now, but Bree has always wanted to build basements so she may be back.
Have all your Sims leave the DIY Home by sending them home or calling them elsewhere with the Simtracker.)


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