The Sims FreePlay: DIY Homes: Basement of Kings Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay DIY Homes: Basement of Kings

DIY Homes:Basement of Kings, the second quest line part of the new Dream Homes update for The Sims FreePlay, is now available. Available form level 15+, this is a discovery question which means you can start it at any time; however, it does require that you have finished both the DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio Quest (Walkthrough here) and DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest.

Completing this quest for Bree (located at the Community Center) within the 7 days time limit will reward you with:

  • Spacious basements for all your underground plans
  • The iconic and majestic “DIY Home” – Basement-themed decorations

Below is the complete walkthrough for the DIY Homes: Basement of Kings quest.

– Cheer up Bree (5 mins)
(Bree, the DIY Gal, is back in Sim Town. Could she have another renovation project for your Sim? How exciting! She looks a bit under the weather, though.
Have a Sim cheer up Bree at the Community Center and try to improve her mood.)

– Accompany Bree to the DIY Home
(Bree thanks your Sim for trying to make her smile, but she’s too stressed. The “Lovey-Dovey Balcony” episode was a hit with the fans, but the network is still not satisfied. Would your Sim agree to help her again?
Tap on Bree to have a Sim accompany her to the DIY Home.)

– Check Simbook on a computer (12 mins)
(Bree knew she could count on your Sim! To advertise the show, she’d like to film your Sim visiting the “DIY Homes” Simbook page.
Have a Sim check Simbook on the DIY Home’s computer.
(To reach the DIY Home, call a cab from any phone.))

– Vote obsessively on a computer (5+ hrs)
(The Simbook page has a poll running to choose the theme of the basement episode. Your Sim prefers the “Ultimate Entertainment Center.” So much so, they’ll vote for it. And vote again. And again.
Have a Sim vote obsessively on the DIY Home’s computer.)

– Join Bree for an interview (1 day)
(Bree giggles at your Sim’s voting. Their enthusiasm could save the show! Your Sim’s contagious energy could be captured in an interview for the fans!
Have a Sim join Bree for an interview at the DIY Home.)

– Study the basement at the DIY Home (3 hrs 30 mins)
(Wow! It’s hard to believe your Sim was camera shy the first time they met Bree! Now, she would like to film them figuring out how to dig a basement under an existing house.
Tap on the ‘X’ in the basement of the DIY Home to have a Sim study how it’s built.)

– Play with a pet at home (4 mins, adults only)
(Your Sim is pretty confident they know how to keep a basement from caving in. Now they need to consult an expert digger. Oh! They know where to find one of those!
Head back home and have a Sim play with their pet!)

– Have a pet find 3 treasures (speeds up with the special interaction on the pet, adults only)
(A happy pet can dig up treasures in the yard, and your Sim can observe their pet’s technique.
Tap your Sim’s pet and ask them to find a treasure. Do this 3 times.)

– Share knowledge with Bree (12 hrs 30 mins)
(Okay! The secret to digging is “one paw in front of the other paw.” What an invaluable nugget of knowledge!
Have a Sim share their knowledge with Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Ask Bree about the poll (5 mins)
(With your Sim’s basement knowledge and Bree’s DIY expertise, they’ll breeze through this renovation. Are the poll results in for the basement theme?
Have a Sim ask Bree about the results of the poll at the DIY Home.)

– Grow strawberries (1 day, advanced preparation possible, but not tested)
(Woah! Bree fainted in your Sim’s arms and mumbled something about strawberries! She must have been too busy to eat. Strawberries, coming right up!
Have a Sim grow some strawberries for Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Make a double shot (1 min)
(Your Sim grew the strawberries Bree requested. What else could they give her? A little caffeine fix, maybe? She looks like she needs it, and she may not want to ask for too much.
Have a Sim make a double shot for Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Bring food to Bree (12 hrs 30 mins)
(Your Sim’s mouth waters at the smell of coffee, but they shouldn’t drink it! It would be best to remove the temptation fast.
Have a Sim bring the strawberries and coffee to Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Tell a joke to Bree (2 mins)
(Some color came back to Bree’s face as she ate the strawberries and drank the coffee. She still looks stressed, though. Cracking a smile would do her some good.
Have a Sim tell a joke to Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Build a basement (minimum cost: § 8,000)
(Amazing! Bree is back to her old self. Time to tackle the basement renovation! Bree only has material for one room, though.
Head home and build a basement room. Open the Home Store to find the ‘Basement’ tab and instructions to build it! Make the room nice and big since there will only be one for now.)

– Buy furniture and electronics (§ 2,000, make-out couch doesn’t count!)
(Look at that new space! Underground! Your Sim never thought they would do this one day, but here they are. Not too shabby, but it would look so much better as an “Ultimate Entertainment Center.”
Buy § 2,000 Simoleons worth of furniture and electronics for the basement.)

– Watch the ultimate movie marathon on TV (19 hrs)
(Yeah, that’s more like it! To test out this new entertainment center, your Sim should binge-watch some movies. Meanwhile, Bree will film your Sim having fun. That’ll make a good end for the episode.
Have a Sim watch the “Ultimate Movie Marathon” on TV.)

– Check in with Bree (5 mins)
(Between the surround sound, big screen, and comfy couch, your Sim loves their entertainment center. They didn’t even notice Bree leaving. She must be reviewing the footage.
Have a Sim check in with Bree at the DIY Home.)

– Hug Bree (2 mins)
(Yes, the episode is all done! Bree enjoyed working with your Sim again, and the fans are excited about the basement episode. The part when your Sim played with their pet was particularly cute.
Have a Sim give Bree a goodbye hug at the DIY Home.)

– Have all Sims leave the DIY Home
(This is goodbye. Bree promises to keep her stress level in check and avoid fainting no matter what happens. She hopes your Sim enjoys all of their new renovation possibilities.
Have all your Sim leave the DIY Home by sending them home or calling them elsewhere with the Simtracker.)

– Pump up the fans on a computer (8 hrs 30 mins)
(Your Sim can’t stop thinking about Bree. They feel like they should do a little extra to save “DIY Homes.” It’s a great show! Maybe your Sim can reach out to other fans on Simbook.
Have a Sim pump up the “DIY Homes” fans on a computer.)

Congratulations! You can now build and customize basements! Small storage rooms to sprawling underground dominion? The choice is yours.

Congratulations! The “DIY Home” can now be built on any of your lots! Keep the house as Bree likes it or make it your own with your DIY skills! (the first one is free!)


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