The Sims FreePlay Chocolatier Special Event Walkthrough & Rewards

The Sims FreePlay’s “Chocolatier Special Event,” is a limited time event that starts on Easter Sunday (March 27th) and lasts seven (7) days.

Completing the new Chocolatier Hobby will reward you with special Gingerbread Furniture Packs; but, make sure you have the “Promotions R Us” store built.

The Chocolatier Hobby will only be available during this limited time event, so make sure to complete the Hobby within the time limit to receive the Gingerbread Furniture Packs.

Get up to four Chocolatier Benches from the Promotions R Us store, then with an Adult Sim selected tap on the Chocolatier Bench and choose “Make Chocolate.”

The video below provides a nice walkthrough of The Sims FreePlay Chocolatier Special Event and gives us a look at each of the Gingerbread Furniture Packs.


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