The Sims FreePlay: Chocolate Egg Chase Part 4 Walkthrough

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a themed quest for The Sims FreePlay, introduced with the 2016 Easter Update (on March 14, 2016).

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a limited seven (7) day quest that, when completed, will reward you with many prizes along the way, including the Toddler Bunny Onesies.

Like other Holiday themed quests, each day will see a new series of tasks you must complete. If you miss a day or start late, don’t worry, just try to catch up. The walkthrough below will help guide you with how much time you’ll need.

Below is the Day 4 Walkthrough for The Chocolate Egg Chase:

NOTE: This is a continuation from Day 3 of the Chocolate Egg Chase.


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