The Sims FreePlay: Chocolate Egg Chase Part 3 Walkthrough

Sims FreePlay - Easter Update 2 - Chocolate Egg Chase Day 3

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a themed quest for The Sims FreePlay, introduced with the 2016 Easter Update (on March 14, 2016).

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a limited seven (7) day quest that, when completed, will reward you with many prizes along the way, including the Toddler Bunny Onesies.

Like other Holiday themed quests, each day will see a new series of tasks you must complete. If you miss a day or start late, don’t worry, just try to catch up. The walkthrough below will help guide you with how much time you’ll need.

Below is the Day 3 Walkthrough for The Chocolate Egg Chase:

NOTE: This is a continuation from Day 2 of the Chocolate Egg Chase.

Ask What’s Wrong – 1 Minute

“After getting tired from using his bunny legs then waking from a nap, Cottontail looks very scared. Have a Sim ask Cottontail what’s wrong.”

Comfort Cottontail – 5 Minutes

“Cottontail said he had a nightmare that someone would finish his egg hunt and he wouldn’t impress the other bunnies with his egg hiding skills after all! The poor thing… Have a Sim comfort Cottontail.”

Think About Cottontail’s Fears – 4 Hours 30 Minutes

“The hug helped Cottontail to stop shaking, but he is still afraid that he isn’t a good egg hider. Your Sim needs to think of some way to put Cottontail’s fears to rest. Have a Sim think of Cottontail’s fears in any seat.

Research Simple Games – 14 Minutes

“Your Sim has an idea! What if they can show Cottontail that even when someone else wins a game, it can be fun for everyone? Have a Sim research simple games on a computer.”

Play Patty Cakes – 4 Hours 15 Minutes

“Your Sim found that a game of ‘Patty Cakes’ can be fun for everyone! No one wins or loses, and it’s about the experience of playing together that matters. Have a Sim play Patty Pat Cakes with Cottontail.”

Look at Egg Collection – 5 Minutes

“Cottontail loved that game, and he saw how great games are regardless of who wins. He wants to see how your collection has come along. Have a Sim look at their egg collection with Cottontail.”

Say You’re Ready – 5 Minutes

“Cottontail is excited for your Sim’s progress and wants to continue the egg hunt. Have a Sim tell Cottontail that they are ready.”

Search for Eggs – 4 Hours 30 Minutes (This can take a LONG time)

“Cottontail challenges your Sims to find 6 more eggs. Have up to 3 Sims search for eggs on items around any house. You can also ask Cottontail for help.

Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase Quest - Day 3 - Teen and Elderly Pajamas

Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase Quest - Day 3 - FeMale Teen Pajamas

Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase Quest - Day 3 - Male Teen Pajamas

Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase Quest - Day 3 - FeMale Elderly Pajamas

Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase Quest - Day 3 - Male Elderly Pajamas

Return for Day 4: 

“Cottontail begins bouncing around even more like a bunny. He wants to make the final set super hard, because challenge is fun too! Come back in [X] once he has found super secret locations for the rest of the eggs.

Continue to Day 4 of The Sims FreePlay’s Chocolate Egg Chase.


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