The Sims FreePlay: Chocolate Egg Chase Part 1 Walkthrough

Sims FreePlay - Easter Update 2016 - Chocolate Egg Chase

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a themed quest for The Sims FreePlay, introduced with the 2016 Easter Update (on March 14, 2016).

The Chocolate Egg Chase is a limited seven (7) day quest that, when completed, will reward you with many prizes along the way, including the Toddler Bunny Onesies. Because this is a timed, limited event, you’ll need to complete this quest during the specific period when it’s live.

Like other Holiday themed quests, each day will see a new series of tasks you must complete. If you miss a day or start late, don’t worry, just try to catch up. The walkthrough below will help guide you with how much time you’ll need.

Chocolate Egg Chase Quest Rewards:

  • Complete this quest within the time limit so your adult and toddler Sims can hop around in these absolutely adorable Bunny Onesies.
  • Complete a few goals to get these comfortable pajamas for your Adult Sims. Each day and each part you complete will unlock different pajamas.

Below is the Day 1 Walkthrough for The Chocolate Egg Chase:

NOTE: Like the 2014 Thanksgiving quests, the house where the Egg Hunter’s Case has an egg in the bubble so you can find it easily.

Go to the Park

“An oversized bunny has been spotted at the park. How strange! Send a Sims to the park to investigate it.”

Talk to the bunny in the Park – 1 minute

“It’s true! There really is a bunny walking around the park, but it looks sad. Hav ea Sims talk to the bunny.”

Offer Cottontail help – 5 minutes

“The bunny’s name is Cottontail, and he said the other bunnies think he isn’t a very good egg hider. Your Sim wants to help. Have a Sims offer Cottontail help.”

Read “Springtime Bunnies” – 48 minutes

“Cottontail will follow your Sim as they try to help, but your Sim doesn’t understand much about bunnies and eggs. Have a Sim  read “Springtime Bunnies” from a bookshelf.”

Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies – 1 minute

“It appears as though springtime bunnies like to hide chocolate eggs. Maybe making something chocolate for Cottontail will help perk him up. Have a Sim bake chocolate chip cookies from any stove.”

Tell Cottontail it was cookies – 5 minutes

“Your Sim finished baking cookies, and Cottontail perks up. ‘I smell chocolate!’ he yells. ‘Did you find one of the painted chocolate eggs I hid?!’ Have a Sim tell Cottontail it was just cookies.”

Wash off chocolate – 5 hours

“Whew! Cottontail thought he left chocolate eggs out in the open for anyone to find! The smell of chocolate is just making Cottontail worried, so your Sim should wash the chocolate chip cookies off their hands. Have a Sim wash off the chocolate in a sink.”

Accept Cottontail’s challenge – 5 minutes

“‘I know! If you try my challenge, then I can show the other bunnies that I’m not a bad egg hider because they are super hard to find.’ Cottontail says. Have a Sim talk to Cottontail and accept his challenge.”

Place the Egg Hunter’s Case (it is in the Decorations tab of your inventory)

“‘You need to find all my painted chocolate eggs, and put them in the Egg Hunter’s Case. Have you seen it?’ Cottontail asks. Find the Egg Hunter’s Case in the ‘Decorations’ Tab of your inventory, and place it inside a Sim’s home.

Investigate the Egg Hunter’s Case – 25 minutes

“The Egg Hunter’s Case is empty right now, but that’s where all the eggs will go. Have a Sim investigate the Egg Hunter’s Case.”

Search for eggs – 4 hours and 30 minutes

“Cottontail explains that his eggs have colors and patterns that represent spring. Maybe your Sim should try to find one first. Have a Sim search for eggs on objects around their house.”

Examine the Egg Hunter’s Case – Instant

The Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase - Day 1

The Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase - Day 1 Pajamas

The Sims FreePlay Chocolate Egg Chase - Day 2 Pajamas Male

Return for Day 2: 

“‘You’ll never find all the eggs, and I’m going to show the other bunnies how good of an egg hider I am!’ Cottontail yells then begins bouncing around. It doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon.

Continue to Day 2 of The Sims FreePlay’s Chocolate Egg Chase.

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