The Sims FreePlay: ‘Baby Onesie’ Event rewards & prizes


The Baby Onesie Event is a limited time event in The Sims FreePlay. Completing musical expressions hobby 7 times will unlock all of the new baby onesies (each time you complete the collection you unlock a new onesie pack).

Note: In order to do this event, you must have already completed the “Two and a Half Sims” and “Nanny Knows Best” quests.

This quest has been available before, and will likely return in the future. If you were/are unable to complete the quest in its entirety before it expires, your progress will be saved. So if you are unable to collect all 7 onesie packs, you will only need to collect the remainder the next time the quest arrives.

That being said, take a look at the various onesie sets that are available in The Sims FreePlay’s “Baby Onesie Event.” You must complete 12 pieces of music to unlock 1 Onesie Pack.


Onesies can be found in the outfits section of the wardrobe for your baby sims

1st Set (Ladybug Onesie)

2nd Set (Penguin Onesie)


3rd Set (Chick Onesie)


4th Set (Elephant Onesie)


5th Set (Frog Onesie)


6th Set (Monster Onesie)


7th Set (Dinosaur Onesie)



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