The Sims FreePlay: Animal Onesie Event Walkthrough, Cheats, and Tips

The Sims FreePlay Animal Onesie Event

On January 19, 2016, the “Animal Onesie Event” limited time quest became available in The Sims FreePlay. Available for only seven days, completing this quest rewards you with up to six sets of dog and cat themed Onesies for your Sims.

However, start the quest you must first have completed the “Puppy Odyssey” Quest so that you can unlock the Internet Kitten hobby. If you have already completed the Puppy Odyssey quest and have unlocked the Internet Kitten hobby, continue to the guide of the Animal Onesie Event below.

“Each time you record all 12 internet kitten videos, you’ll receive one of the six new Oneies for your Sims!”

Use a Kitten Play Box from the “Promotions R Us” store to perform this hobby.

Guide, Tips & Tricks to completing the Animal Onesie Event:

Purchase 3 Kitten Mats from the Promotions R Us store and have three (3) Sims in your town working on the hobby at once.

Find a neighbor with a Kitten Play Mat and have another Sim working on the hobby in a neighbor’s town (this would make 4 Sims in total working on the hobby).

Select the “Kitten Snippet” option (1 hr 15 min) over and over again.

Make sure at least one Sim is at level 6 or working on getting to level 6 so that all Achievements are unlocked

Always remember to click Star New Collection on the Hobby Collection list once you’ve got all the pieces, otherwise you won’t find new items.


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