The Sims FreePlay: A Puppy Odyssey Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay: A Puppy Odyssey

“A Puppy Odyssey” is a discovery quest in The Sims FreePlay that starts when you find the puppy in the park.

If you complete this quest in seven (7) days you will unlock the outfits for puppies and kittens. If not, you can still unlock the puppy playmat and kitten play box to complete the Puppy Pal and Internet Kitten Hobbies.

If you find the puppy in the park, follow the walkthrough below to complete “A Puppy Odyssey”:

“The puppy is lost in the Park, and seems scared. Help rescue it and find its owner to unlock Puppy and Kitten Pets, as well as new outfits and activities for them!”

Say Hello to the Small Dog – 1 Min

Call for the Puppy – 5 MinsPet the Small Dog in the Park – 45 Mins

Read the Puppy’s Collar – 5 Mins

Wait for the Owner at the Park – 9 Hrs

Pick up the Puppy – 4 Secs

Return home with the Puppy (You can take him home even if you already got more pets on your home lot)

Let the Puppy on the Ground – 3 Secs

Check Lost Puppy Ads on a Computer – 9 Hrs

Buy a Food Dish – §5000

Check a Refrigerator for Puppy Food – 4 Mins

Puppy Food in the Dish – 1 Min

Read a Book on Puppies – 19 Hrs

Check Voice Messages – 4 Mins

Call Back the Number – 4 Mins

Sit with the Puppy – Pick Up 4 Secs – Sit 19 Hrs

Greet Osiris – Put Pet on Ground 3 Secs – Greet 5 Mins

Show the Puppy to Osiris – Pick Up Puppy 4 Secs – Place Puppy 3 Secs

Pet the Puppy Goodbye – 15 Hrs 15 Mins

Stay out of the Way – 2 Mins 24 Secs

Pet the Kitten – 10 Mins

Tell Osiris about the Puppy – 10 Hrs 15 Mins

Check the Pet Store (as long or short as you want to :))


  • Greyhound – §10.000 (First one Free)
  • German Shepherd – 14 LP
  • Labrador – 16 LP
  • Golden Retriever – 18 LP
  • Dalmatian – 20 LP
  • Husky – 62 LP
  • Robopuppy – 66 LP


  • British Shorthair – §10.000
  • Main Coon Orange – 14 LP (First one Free)
  • Siamese – 18 LP
  • Toyger – 20 LP
  • Domestic Black – 24 LP
  • Bengal – 62 LP
  • Robokitten – 66 LP

Say goodbye to Osiris – 14 Hrs 15 Mins

The Sims FreePlay Puppy Odyssey Quest

Congratulations! New outfits for your Puppies and Kittens are now available inside the Pet Salon on the SimTown map!

Once you complete Puppy Odyssey, you have 7 Days to complete the Puppy Pals event if you want to add a Poodle to the Pets collection. When you’ve collected all 12 items you will get themed clothes for your sims. The Internet Kitten hobby is without time limit and unlocks the Persian Cat Breed when you’ve collected the 12 items. It’s also required to participate in the Animal Onesie event.



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