The Sims FreePlay: A Dance to Remember Walkthrough (Unlock Salsa and Break Dancing Hobbies)

The Sims FreePlay A Dance to Remember

A new quest, “A Dance to Remember,” is being offered in The Sims FreePlay which once completed will lead to two new hobbies: Salsa and Break Dancing. Although the quest has been available since January 2, 2015, the seven (7) days timer for the quest actually starts when the bubble above the dancers in the park is tapped. Each quest is followed by two hobbies, Salsa and Break Dancing, each requiring you to finish within a week to unlock the time-limited content.

Below is a full walkthrough for the “A Dance to Remember” Quest in The Sims FreePlay:

Watch the Dancing Couple (2 mins)
“There are two Sims dancing at the Park. They move with such grace and poise, your Sim has never seen anything like it! ‘Watch’ their mesmerizing display of dancing!”

Enthuse to a Sim About Dancers (12 secs)
“The two Sims danced with such skill! Your Sim is enthralled and must tell another Sim about it immediately.
Have your Sim ‘Enthuse’ to another Sim about how amazing the dancers are!”

Talk to the Dancers (15 mins)
“Uh oh! It looks like your Sim is getting a little star struck by the two dancing dynamos. They should introduce themselves to cut the tension. Have your Sim talk to the dancers.”

Take the Car at the Park to the Villa
“The couple introduce themselves as Valentina and Eduardo Fantasia. They are flattered by your Sim’s interest in their dancing and have invited them to a party at their private villa. A private car is waiting at the park to take your Sim to the villa! Tap on the car, and choose ‘Ride to Villa’ now.”

Explore the Villa (8 hrs 30 mins)
“The villa looks incredible! Your Sim feels another bout of gushing coming on. Best they get it out of their system before the other guests arrive. Have your Sim explore the villa. Tap anywhere on the building, or on any object and choose ‘Explore Villa.'”

Have 5 Sims at the Villa
“The Fantasia’s party has generated a lot of buzz in Sim Town, and Sims are starting to arrive from all over! Have at least 5 Sims at the Villa. The more the merrier!”

Eat Hors d’oeuvres (10 mins)
“The guests have arrived, but no Sim likes to socialize on an empty stomach. Enjoy some of the Hors d’oeuvre’s that the Fantasia’s have laid out. Have a Sim ‘Eat Hors d’oeuvres.’ They’re on the table in the middle of the villa.”

Have 5 Sims Cheer On the Fantasia’s (2 mins)
“Much Better! The Fantasia’s are ready for their guests to watch their dance performance! Have 5 Sims cheering them on! Tap on the Salsa Jukebox, located in the ballroom at the villa and choose ‘Cheer On’. More than one Sim can cheer at once so make sure five Sims are involved!”

Have 2 Pairs of Sims Chatting (10 hrs 30 mins)

“Incredible! The Fantasia’s sure have the moves. I guess that’s why they call Eduardo, ‘The Hot Salsa’ in dancing circles. Now that your Sims have enjoyed the dancing, have them socialize with one another.
Have two pairs of Sims ‘Chat’.”

Thank the Fantasia’s (1 min)
“Your Sims had a fantastic time at the villa! Have a Sim ‘Thank the Fantasia’s’ for the wonderful party and their impressive display of dancing!”

Have all Sims Leave the Villa
“The Fantasia’s say your Sims are welcome to come to their next party and dance along with them! How exciting! But now, it’s time to go home. Have all your Sims leave the Villa. You can use the car at the front of the villa, the SimTracker to send them home, or call them to another location!)”

Have a Sim Hibernate (24 hrs)
(Phew, what an incredible day! Your Sims mind is buzzing with a desire to dance, but they need some sleep to process their experience at the villa. Have your Sim ‘Hibernate’ in a bed.”

Salsa Dance to a Stereo (16 secs)
“Your Sim dreamed of dancing majestically, with the same poise and grace they saw at the villa and have woken up inspired, ready to try their hand at Salsa dancing! Tap on a stereo and choose ‘Salsa.'”

Read ‘Spicy Salsa’ from a Bookshelf (7 hrs 30 mins)
“Well, that didn’t go so well. Perhaps your Sim needs to study dancing a little more thoroughly before trying that again. Have your Sim read ‘Spicy Salsa’ from a bookshelf.”

Place an Ad on a Computer (12 mins)
“The book on Salsa dancing had a lot of useful tips in it including the most important tip of all, having a DANCING PARTNER!
Have your Sim ‘Place an ad’ for a dancing partner on a computer.”

Have a Sim grow some Pumpkins (24 hrs, can be prepared on a lot that isn’t accessed when pumpkins are ready)
(Perfect! Now that the ad is placed, the only thing to do is wait until a reply arrives. While your Sim waits, distract them with some gardening. Have a Sim grow some Pumpkins!”

Check email (36 secs)
“Those are some smashing pumpkins your Sim has grown. Perhaps some dancing candidates have replied to their advert. Have your Sim ‘Check Email’ on a computer.”

Send a Sim to the Park
“Success! Not one, but THREE potential dancing partners have responded! They’ll be waiting in the Park! Send a Sim to the park now!”

Wait Excitedly on a Bench (8 hrs 30 mins)
“In your Sim’s eagerness to meet the dancing partners, they’ve gotten here too quickly. Not to worry! Your Sim can wait excitedly on a bench for them. Tap on a bench and choose ‘Wait Excitedly.’

Assess Dancers (5, 6 and 8 secs)
“The dance partner candidates have arrived at the Park, by the statue! It’s time to put them through their paces! Tap on each of the applicants, and choose ‘Assess Dancer’. Make sure you check all of them!”

Have 2 Sims at the Park
“Oh dear! These applicants aren’t right for Salsa dancing at all! Although that mummy had some pretty fresh break dancing moves. All the commotion has attracted the attention of one of your other Sims.
Have 2 Sims at the park.”

Be Hilarious to Another Sim (4 hrs 30 mins)
“The Sim who was assessing dancers in the park looks a little deflated. Perhaps they could use a laugh! ‘Be Hilarious’ to another Sim.

Dance with Another Sim (romance interaction, 10 secs)
“Hmmm. The fancy footwork that joke required was no laughing matter. This Sim looks like dance may be in their blood!
Have your Sim dance with them.”

Have 2 Sims Watch a Movie Marathon (instantly when second Sim joins)
“This dance-phobic Sim might need a little coaxing before they’re ready to cut up any rugs. Perhaps they need to become more acclimatized to their new dancing partner. Have two Sims ‘Watch a Movie Marathon,’ on a TV together.”

Have 2 Sims Play a Long Chess Game (2 hrs 30 mins, I think it finished instantly when second Sim joined)
“It’s working! Your Sims are growing closer and enjoying their time together. Have them play a ‘Long Chess Game’ together to keep things going.)”

Have 2 Sims Eat a meal Together (instantly, “grab a plate”, meal can be cooked beforehand, cooking hobby)
“Your Sims are getting on famously now. Before your Sim tries to trick their reserved partner into dancing though, something has to be done about that alarming growling following them around. They’re hungry!
Have 2 Sims eat a meal. Cook whatever you like!”

Have 2 Sims Dance to a Stereo
“The next dance at the Villa is coming up soon. There’s no time to waste if they want to get their potential dancing partner moving those feet! Have 2 Sims ‘Dance’ to a stereo. With a little luck, the partner is having so much fun they won’t even notice they’re dancing until it’s too late!”

Practice Dancing Together (1 hr 30 mins, likely instantly when second Sim joins)
“It worked! Your Sims are ready to try dancing together now.
With a Sim selected, tap on another Sim, and choose ‘Dance Together’.”

Have a Sim ‘Hibernate’ (24 hrs)
“Perfect! Convincing a Sim to dance was exhausting work! Before going back to the Villa, your Sims need another rest.
Have a Sim ‘Hibernate’ in a bed.”

Send a Sim to the park
“Excellent! Your Sim is excited about dancing with the Fantasia’s. It’s time to return to the Villa, and the car must be waiting at the park by now. Send a Sim to the park.”

Investigate the bridge at the park (5 mins)
“Wonderful! The car is ready to take your Sim to the villa. Your Sim can hear a strange noise though. It sounds like there’s meowing coming from under the park bridge! Investigate the bridge at the park. Look for the alert bubble!)”

Rescue Cat from Under Bridge (10 hrs 30 mins)
“A cat has found a feast of discarded food underneath the bridge and gotten stuck. The poor little thing! Dancing will have to wait!
Have your Sim Rescue the Cat.”

Have Two Sims at the Villa
“At last! The cat is saved, and there’s no time to lose! Have your two Sims go to the Villa. Quickly! Before they miss the dance altogether!
Remember: You can get to the Villa by using the car at the park, or by calling a Sim there via the Sim Tracker.”

Apologize for Being Late (12 secs)
“Finally! The Fantasia’s are still waiting. Fantastic! Have a Sim ‘Apologize’ to the Fantasia’s for being late. It’s only polite.”

Dance at the Villa (it says 5 hrs for the first Sim, but once the second wants to join, it’s 4 hrs 30 mins)
“The Fantasia’s appreciate the gesture, but there’s no time for apologies now. There’s only time… to DANCE! With a Sim selected, tap on the Jukebox at the Villa, and choose ‘Wait for Partner’ then, while the Sim is waiting, Tap the Jukebox again and choose ‘Dance with Partner'”

Have All Sims Leave the Villa
“Valentina and Eduardo Fantasia are very impressed with your Sims’ enthusiasm for dance. It’s time to say goodbye for now. Have all your Sims leave the Villa. You can use the car at the front of the villa, the SimTracker to send them home, or call them to another location.”

Congratulations! You can now purchase the Salsa Jukebox from the Promotions R Us store. The Jukebox costs $5,000 and you can only have one per household.

Time Limited Reward: “Your sexy, passionate moves have awarded you with these lush and lavish Rugs for your floors. Decorate rooms in all new ways! Available in the Decorations section of the Home Store!”

The Sims FreePLay Rugs

Once you have finished the quest, you’ll be offered to start the Salsa Dancing hobby.

There is a seven (7) days limit to be rewarded with the unlocking of the villa. You need to buy the jukebox from Promotions ‘R US for $5,000.  And you need 2 Sims, like at the Villa in the quest.

The regular reward is unlocking the Break dance machine for the Break dancing hobby.

The Jukebox gives two options: Quick Salsa (1 hr 30 mins) and Extended Mambo (7 hrs 30 mins), please note that only ONE collectible is rewarded for two dancing Sims! The levelling up is quite quick compared to other hobbies.

When you finish the Salsa Hobby, you’ll be offered to start the Break Dancing hobby. You need to buy the Break Dancing Box from Promotions ‘R US for $5,000.

There is a 7 days limit to be rewarded with the unlocking of the DJ Booth. You need 1 Sim, and tap the Break Dance Boom Box.  The regular reward is unlocking the Themed Break dancing Themed Home Pack. The DJ Booth can be found in the Electronics section of the home store.


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