The Simpsons Tapped Out: Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 Act 1 Walkthrough

The Simpsons Tapped Out: Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015

On June 23rd, EA released a new update for The Simspsons Tapped Out. Version 4.15.0 introduced Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015.

Homer Simpson has introduced a sport so dangerous, so wild, so confusing that it could only exist in the digital sphere.

Put together and train a team of sporty Springfielders and challenge your neighbors to games of Tap Ball, where the only rule is that there is a never ending list of rules (because Homer keeps making them up!)

With new buildings, characters, decorations, and quest lines, it’s GAME ON in Springfield!

Below is a walkthrough for Act 1:

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: Can you believe it, Dad? The World Cup is in full swing!
Homer: I know! It’s yachting’s biggest event!
Lisa: No, that’s the AMERICA’S Cup. And it’s stupid. I’m talking about the–
Homer: So much drama! Which billionaire will rise to the challenge, and hire the best sailor to drive his catamaran?
Homer: I’ll be glued to the TV!
Lisa: I’m talking about the Women’s World Cup of soccer!
Homer: Oh. That’s the sport where some dudes–
Lisa: –women, in this case–
Homer: –kick a ball around until one of them fakes an injury the best and a winner is declared?
Lisa: Let’s just watch the game.

Task: Make Lisa Watch Soccer
Task: Make Homer Watch Soccer
Time: 45s
Location: Simpson Home

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: *snores*
Lisa: Dad, wake up!
Homer: Why? Did somebody finally score a soccer goal?
Lisa: Almost! …but then no.
Homer: Exciting stuff. This sport could really use some cheerleaders and hockey fights.
Lisa: Soccer is the single most popular sport in the world! Bigger than motorcycle polo and bear baiting COMBINED.
Homer: Which confirms what I’ve always said: the world is an idiot.
Homer: It’s time for a new sport! A better sport!

Task: Build Grass Field
Task: Build Stadium Entrance

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: Have you ever longed for a sport that combines the thrill of selecting a team with the fun of waiting for a long time between matches?
Lisa: Not at all.
Homer: Then say hello to Tap Ball!
Homer: Tap Ball takes the best parts of other sports — dribbling, the infield fly rule, an epidemic of concussions —
Homer: — and adds the excitement of watching people play second-rate video games!
Lisa: That sounds confusing and terrible.
Homer: Best of all, the only equipment you need is a smartphone, thirteen balls of varying size, bats made of glass…
Homer: …some chalk to mark the many end zones, a quaffle, Kevlar body armor and a greedy, narcissistic owner to screw it all up!
Lisa: The town library is crumbling, and you got a Tap Ball stadium built in no time at all.
Homer: It’s easy, when you sell the naming rights. Welcome to Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington’s Department Store Kwik-E-Mart Stupid Flanders Park!
Homer: Duff gets to be first because they gave us the most money.
Homer: People are gonna love it!

Task: Make Homer Pander to Sponsors
Time: 3m
Location: Stadium Entrance

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: So what are the rules of Tap Ball?
Homer: You ready for this? Because it’s gonna blow your mind. The only rule of Tap Ball is…
Homer: …THERE…
Homer: …ARE…
Homer: …NO…
Homer: …more than sixty-seven rules. With attached sub-rules, notes, and clarifications.

Task: Make Homer Invent More Rules [x4]
Time: 6s
Location: Stadium Entrance

1st done:
Homer: Rule one: a three-point shot is worth five points.
Homer: Rule two: attire is business casual, no underwear.

2nd done:
Homer: Rule three: with one minute to go in the eighth quarter, the score is always tied. So it’s more exciting.
Homer: Rule four: punching, whether of opponents or teammates, shall be worth two runs.

3rd done:
Homer: Rule five: every player must keep both feet on the floor at all times. When running, a hand must also be on the floor.
Homer: Rule six: only the player with the ball may cry.
Homer: Rule seven: defense loses championships.
Lisa: I think I get it.
Homer: I’m not done yet!

4th done:
Soccer Lisa: Dad, I have to admit. There’s a puncher’s chance this new sport of yours will catch on.
Soccer Lisa: In that case, I’d like its first bona fide star to be a woman. Sign me up.
Homer: Great! You’ll play the critical position of center left forward back. Your job is to feed me alley-oops.
Soccer Lisa: I thought you were the referee.
Homer: I’m both! And that’s how I’ll ensure I’m also the greatest Tap Ball player ever. It’s why Babe Ruth was a baseball umpire.
Soccer Lisa: Baseball is the least important thing in the universe to me, but I’m fairly certain that’s not true.
Homer: My game, my rules!

Balls of Glory Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: I need players for Tap Ball, America’s fastest-growing-sport (as measured by bench-clearing brawls).
Homer: Here’s the sign up sheet. See? It’s already got my name, and Flanders.
Ned: Well that doesn’t look like my hand writing, but I’m always willing to get physical with my favorite neighbour.
Apu: Sports is my only escape from my crushing family life. I’m in!
Homer: Amen to that brother!
Homer: We officially have enough players to play Tap Ball!

Task: Play Tap Ball

Nelson: Hey fatso! Your team needs more jocks like me. I’m going to be a superstar Tap Ball player.
Nelson: How many millions of dollars do those jerks make?
Homer: Zero! You play for free! Being part of Professional Tap Ball is its own reward!
Homer: After all, this is a sport that’s steeped in tradition, having been founded over three missions ago.
Nelson: Wait a second. You got a ton of sponsorship money. Why can’t you use some of that to pay your players?
Homer: How about instead of money, I pay you with something much more valuable.
Homer: Experience!
Nelson: …
Homer: …er, what if, INSTEAD, I pay you in something else?
Homer: Something called…uh… “Amateur Bucks!” Redeemable everywhere that accepts pretend money!
Nelson: Now we’re talking!
System Message: Football Nelson is now available in the store!

Balls of Glory Pt. 2

Auto starts

Ned: That was fun, but I’m more out of breath than an atheist attempting to disprove God’s existence.
Homer: Come on! We can play again! More games mean more money!
Soccer Lisa: I’m tired, too. Just give us some time to rest.
Homer: You could rest, or you could drink one of our sponsor’s products in front of the camera!
Homer: Put those hard earned Amateur Bucks to use!
System Message: Your players need to rest between games. Unlock more Tap Ball players to play games more often.

Task: Buy Obesotades [x4]
Task: Recharge Your Players and Play Tap Ball

Balls of Glory Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Win Tap Ball Game

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 5

After completing Balls of Glory Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: Attendance at last night’s Tap Ball game was only 6 people.
Homer: While that’s superior to most MLB games, it is concerning.
Homer: Attention everyone! Tap Ball stadium is open, and everyone can watch for free!
Pin Pal Apu: Free? Mr. Simpson, as one of your sponsors, I do not see how that is a good idea.
Homer: Good sir, I assure you it’s all a scam. My motives toward our fans are purely evil.
Pin Pal Apu: Phew. So it’s like every other sport.
Homer: Not exactly.
Homer: See Tap Ball is free to try, but then we lure people into buying foam fingers and hats and other useless overpriced stuff that costs real money.
Apu: So like every other sport, except that it’s free to try?
Homer: No, it’s completely differ– oh hey, you’re right. Man, this freemium model has been around forever.

Task: Tap Fans [x15]

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6

Homer starts

Homer: Great game, everybody! I saw a lot of effort out there.
Homer: Except for you, Flanders! You stink. Don’t ask me why.
Homer: And your moustache also stinks. It played really lousy today.
Ned: Appreciate the constructive criticism, coachareeno! Maybe I can train a little more to get better.
System Message: Earn Amateur Bucks through practice jobs and Tap Ball games. Spend your earnings to upgrade your Tap Ball players.
System Message: Upgrading players allows you to face off against stronger opponents for better rewards.
System Message: Upgrading your Tap Ball players also helps your merchandising reach more fans, so don’t forget to keep training

Task: Make Tap Ball Players Practice [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: Stadium Entrance
Task: Upgrade Homer
Task: Upgrade Lisa

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7

Homer starts

Homer: It’s hard being a team owner, manager and athlete at the same time.
Homer: How will I find time to improve the stadium, yell at my teammates, drink and nap?
Soccer Lisa: Sounds like you need a schedule. You should plan your day, make a time table for yourself and others.
Homer: Schedules? Time tables? Numbers? These things shouldn’t exist in sports.

Task: Complete Daily Training

Balls of Glory Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Soccer Lisa: Tap Ball is fun, but how can you start a league with just one town?
Homer: We’ll start a rivalry with another Springfield. I still haven’t forgiven those guys for raiding our castles last summer.
Soccer Lisa: To be fair, we raided them, too.
Homer: Well, to be unfair… let’s get ‘em!

Task: Play Tap Ball in Another Springfield

Balls of Glory Pt. 5

Ned starts

Ned: What a fun game, neighboreeno! Even when we lose, it’s a hum-dinger!
Homer: You are the LAST person I’d expect to be okay with losing, Flanders!
Homer: Your buddy the Lord never lost a fight in his life! That guy peeled himself off the carpet and came back swinging!
Ned: I’m not sure about your Biblical reading, there. “Turn the other cheek,” and all that. Plus the whole sacrificing himself thing…
Homer: He was the ultimate warrior! And I will follow his example!

Task: Rematch Another Springfield

Balls of Glory Pt. 6

Auto starts

Task: Win Tap Ball Games in Another Springfield [x10]


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