The Room wins 2012 iPad Game of the Year

The RoomWith 2012 quickly coming to the close, Apple has announced this year’s Best of iTunes winners. With Rayman Jungle Run having secured the best iPhone game of 2012, we now turn our attention to the iPad — Apple’s other impressive gaming device. And the winner for 2012’s iPad Game of the Year is The Room, a “physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world.”

In The Room you explore a series of chests, boxes, and cabinets marked with arcane symbols and scratchings, filled with clockworks and cryptic notes. You must work to figure out how to open the various hidden compartments and fix broken mechanical features to solve the box, collect the story clues, and move on to the next box. For those of you who get frustrated easily, the game does provide subtle clues that hint you in the right direction.

The spooky environmental ambience coupled with a mysterious storyline provides an excellent backdrop for these challenging puzzles. If you’re interested, you can buy The Room for iPad for $1.99. Then you can decide if it’s truly worthy of the Game of the Year award.




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