The Room Two Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Guide

The Room Two is a sequel to Fireproof Games’ first-person puzzle adventure game, The Room. Like its predecessor, you must solve complex and eerie puzzles as you follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as “AS.” Below is a complete walkthrough for The Room Two which can be purchased for Android or iOS devices.

The Room Two Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Guide

  1. Spin the center of the puzzle box so that the outer gold pieces can be lined up with the inner gold pieces. Push them into place.
  2. Open the box and get the lens. You will then go through more tutorial steps to show you how to fix the eyepiece and get a small metal hexagon.
  3. Zoom out so you can see the corners of the table. Rotate your camera until you see another small metal hexagon, which will be located at one of the corners. Pick up this metal piece.
  4. Go to the other square table in the room and put the two metal pieces in the hexagonal spaces on the surface.
  5. Spin the metal disks around until you see a hole in the middle.
  6. Tap the metal to take it.
  7. Place the metal ball into the center of the compass. Use the eyepiece and zoom out until you see the message “SESWN”.
  8. Move the compass until it passes by each of the directions indicated by the code. South > East > South > West > North
  9. When you see the medallion, move the two pieces with arrows outwards, away from the other pieces.
  10. Go back to the 8 sided table in the room. Put the tile pieces into the center of the table where it fits.
  11. The table will open and you will see a lamp. Grab it by double tapping.
  12. Shift the lamp around slightly until you find the four symbols in the background.
  13. You will move towards a statue that is holding an object. Open the object.
  14. You will then have top match the red lasers to the shape you see in the corner to move on to the next chapter.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Chapter 1 of The Room Two. Continue to Chapter 2.



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