The future of Clash of Clans: What’s beyond the Builder Base?

Clash of Clans Builder Base

Supercell recently released the Builder Base update for Clash of Clans in May 2017, and already players are wondering what will come next. The update introduced a brand new world filled with exciting and new gameplay mechanics like Versus Battle. According to Supercell this is just the beginning.

The developer already has several new Builder Hall levels slated for released and promises “much more to come for this new mode.”

Supercell also said the team is looking to get back on a more rapid release cycle for updates.

“Like with Clan Wars, this ambitious project required a lot of time, focus and a big push to put live. Now, it’s time to get back to regular development of all aspects of the game, from the home village to Clan Wars,” Supercell said.

And lastly, Supercell believes they can add “stronger” Social Play to the Builder Base, and “strengthen its ties” throughout the game.

“A new world means lots more opportunities, and Gear Up is only the start!”

What would you like to see in the future for Clash of Clans?


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