The Bazaar opens in Game of War – Fire Age

Game of War Fire Age - The Bazaar

The previously teased Bazaar is now available in Game of War – Fire Age.

The Bazaar is a brand-new building that can be constructed in the Alliance City where merchants from all over the Kingdom can gather to sell their wares — if you can pay the price. Once inside the Bazaar, you are able to trade and obtain exclusive coveted items.

Trade in your unwanted Materials, Gems, Cores, Pieces, and more and in return merchants will provide you with Copper, which is the only currency accepted at the Bazaar.

Leveling up your building will result in a wider variety of items you are able to sell in exchange for Copper. While the merchants of the Bazaar only have a finite amount of Copper every day, the cap is NOT shared among an Alliance, and is available to individual players.

As the Bazaar is a “living marketplace, with new items and goods available all the time,” merchants won’t always accept the same items in exchange for Copper. They’ll also have a different stock of supplies to purchase each day. Additionally, the Bazaar may not always be open, so visit while you can.

And lastly, merchants will occasionally have special deals on offer, so be sure to check back early and often to get the best bargains.



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