Terra Battle ‘Bearded Sakaguchi Boss’ celebrates 1.1 million downloads

Terra Battle Bearded Sakaguchi Bos

12 days after surpassing the 1 million download milestone, Mistwalker’s puzzle-RPG is now at 1.1 million downloads.

The latest feat means the “Bearded Sakaguchi Boss” will arrive in the Arena. The special boss, of course, is inspired by the game’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, whom you might recognize from the Final Fantasy series. Mistwalker will let us know when the schedule has been decided.

On October 30, Terra Battle surpassed 1 million downloads, prompting Mistwalker to plan a live concert, start production of attack illustrations for battle scenes, and start development on a VS battle mode.

Looking through the Download Starter milestone list, 1.2 million downloads means new music, while 1.3 million will start production on a Terra Battle art book. I think many of us are hoping the game gains enough traction to hit 2 million downloads, at which point Mistwalker will begin development on a console version of Terra Battle.

You can help making this dream a reality by downloading Terra Battle on iOS or Android.


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