Terra Battle 2 pre-registration has begun, rewards revealed

Terra Battle 2The Terra Battle 2 Pre-Registration campaign has officially kicked off, giving players a chance to pre-register for the game in an effort to unlock special starting item rewards.

Pre-registration for Terra Battle 2 can be done through the official game website, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Player. However, if you register through the Terra Battle 2 website, you will receive a special Friend Avatar.

The more people that pre-register, the better the starting items in teh game for everyone!

Terra Battle 2 Pre-Registration Rewards

1. Register your email address on the official website (link below), and use the same email address when logging into the game to receive the Friend Avatar, “Hiiso.”

2. The starting items for players will change, depending on the amount of pre-registration participants.

  • 10K: Normal Energy x 10
  • 20K: Bluebird
  • 30K: Normal Energy x 10
  • 40K: Field Item Set
  • 50K: Sarah’s sword
  • 60K: 3,000 Ahn Coin
  • 70K: Normal Energy x 10
  • 80K: Khem’s Staff
  • 90K: Anti-energy and Fores Seed
  • 100K: Golden Bird
  • 120K: Normal Energy x 10
  • 140K: Sarah’s Garb
  • 160K: Pact of Resolve Ticket
  • 180K: Normal Energy x 10
  • 200K: Samatha
  • 300K: Guardian by Tetsuya Nomura


At 300,000 participants, Tetsuya Nomura (Square Enix) and Hironobu Sakaguchi will collaborate together for the first time in 20 years to bring a new Guardian to the game.


At 200,000 participants, Samatha from Terra Battle will join the fight in her RNA re-coded state:

Lead artist Kimihiko Fujisaka will design Samatha’s RNA recoded form and bring her back into Terra Battle 2 as a Guardian!

Terra Battle 2 will be free-to-play (with in-app purchase). It’s set to launch in Summer 2017, and will be available on Mobile (iOS/Android) and Windows PC.

The official description reads:

Terra Battle 2 brings a completely different game-play experience, while preserving the highly-praised core battle mechanics in a fantastic epic RPG.

The new world map lets players travel alongside their companions and allows for more strategic gameplay as you set up your formation before entering a battle. The countless encounters and farewells throughout the course of your heroes’ journey promise to be even more emotional and intense than ever before.

How will the people who live on “Terra” unravel the truths and mysteries of their planet? An epic fantasy RPG awaits you.


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