Surreal Escape Walkthrough: Levels 13 14 15 16

Surreal Escape is a puzzle game from developer Mobest Media. Available for Android and iOS devices, you are trapped in a surreal world filled with tricky, puzzles, and bizarre rooms. Your mission is to find a way to open each and every door and escape.

Below is a walkthrough for each level in Surreal Escape.

Room/Level 13 Answer: Tap the folder in the middle of the screen to bring down the screen (the folder will be placed in your inventory).

In the lower right hand portion of the screen that just came down, you’ll notice a place to put the folder (now in your inventory) into. Place it there and icons will appear on the screen. Tap the icons to scroll through them until you get to the key. Once you get the key, tap the folder in the lower right again and it’ll turn green. Tap the green folder and, again, it’ll go in your inventory. The screen will go up.

Place the now green folder into the hold in the middle and the door will appear.

Room/Level 14 Answer:  Take the letter “E” from “When”, “O” from “Door”, “N” from “One”, and the “P” from “Opening”. Use the letters to spell “OPEN” on the door.

  • O = top left
  • P = top right
  • E = bottom left
  • N = bottom right

Room/Level 15 Answer: Remember where the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 are in the grid. Once everything disappears tap only the hexagons where those numbers were, in order.

  • 1 = column 2, row 2
  • 2 = column 6, row 1
  • 3 = column 4, row 3
  • 4 = column 7, row 3

Room/Level 16 Answer: Tap the calendar and it’ll show the hint “happy new year”. Change the numbers to reflect the time one would say that: “0:0:1”

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 13 through 16 of Surreal Escape. Continue to levels 17 through 20.


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