Supercell talks changes in next Clash Royale update

Clash RoyaleSupercell is back from vacation (in Finland, it’s customary for everyone to take July off for Summer holidays), and the developer is already talking about the next update to Clash Royale.

While we don’t have any concrete details, Supercell mentioned three main things on the “development priority list.”

They are:

  • Improve tournaments a lot (Supercell wants to “re-work them in a pretty big way”)
  • Make Legendary Cards more obtainable
  • New cards & balance changes

Again, it’s very top level stuff, but it’s nice to see they are actively engaged in making Clash Royale a better experience.

“We have a bunch of other ideas for updates, these are just our initial and rough thoughts on what we’d like to bring with the next one,” Supercell added.

What changes would you like to see in Clash Royale?


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