Supercell issues another round of bans for Clash of Clans cheaters

Clash of Clans - bannedBack in April, Supercell announced plans to step up their commitment to Fair Play in Clash of Clans.

Part of this effort was enforcing stricter disciplinary action on players using prohibited 3rd party software. Players caught using bots or mods to cheat were banned, in some cases permanently.

Continuing their effort in encouraging fair play, Supercell has confirmed they completed another round of bans on accounts found using 3rd party software.

The developer confirmed that accounts found using 3rd party software “have been permanently banned.” They also confirmed that bans are non-negotiable.

Lesson? Don’t cheat.

Supercell also announced that ClashCon 2016 has been cancelled, as they focus their efforts of features and updates for their games.


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