Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels re-released on Nintendo 3DS

Super-Mario-the-Lost-LevelsIn other 3DS eShop news, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is also available for $4.99. The Lost Levels was released only in Japan on the original NES, but was never brought to the west. This game was later released, however, as part of the SNES Super Mario All-Stars cartridge, as well as a downloadable title in the Wii’s Virtual Console.

Now this rare 8-bit classic can challenge you on the 3DS with tough new level designs, trickier enemies, and new features like fierce winds that blow Mario away.

“It’s the ultimate challenge for any Mario fan,” Nintendo says. Are you ready up for it?

Also arriving today on the 3DS eShop was the original Mega Man, also available for $4.99.



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