Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes update adds Guilds, here are the details


The latest update for Disney and Capital Games’ Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is now live, introducing a slew of new features, including the much-requested Guilds functionality.

With today’s update, players can now play and chat with friends by creating and joining guilds. Here are the details:

General Guild Info

  • Being in a Guild gives you access to the new Guild Chat system, the new Raids activity, new Guild Shipments, and the new Guild Daily Activities.
  • Guilds may be found on the far left of the Cantina, behind the red curtains.
  • Guilds unlock at Player Level 22.
  • Guilds can have up to 50 players.
  • A leaderboard of all Guild members allows members to be sorted by a variety of criteria ranging from Power to contribution.
  • Players cannot enter more than two Guilds in a 24 hour period.
  • A player’s Guild name and icon is displayed on the Squad Arena leaderboard.
  • Within the Guild Home screen, by tapping Manage a Guild Member can compare stats against other Guild members including: Guild Bank Coins Earned (Weekly/Lifetime), Guild Currency Earned (Weekly/Lifetime), Squad Arena Power, Last Login, Player Level, and Guild Rank (Leader, Officer, Member).
  • The Guild Home screen has a monitor that displays the top positions on the Raid Leaderboards and many helpful hints.
  • Note that the Guild Shipments will not contain any items until after the mandatory update on Monday, April 24th, Pacific time.

Guild Creation
Players who want to create their own Guild may do so starting at level 22.

  • Creating a new Guild costs 300,000 Credits.
  • The person who creates the Guild starts as the Leader.
  • The Guild Time Zone is based on the Leader’s Time Zone. Guild Time Zone is used only for Guild-related activities, and is handled separately from your personal Time Zone used for things like the current Daily Activities.
  • When creating a Guild, a variety of customizations are available to make a Guild feel unique including choosing a unique Guild name, customizing the Guild’s icon from a pre-determined set of styles and colors, and customizing an outward-facing Guild message to help other players know more about your Guild.
  • Guilds can have membership requirements including requiring approval to join and minimum Player Level.

Joining a Guild
Players can join a Guild in a variety of ways including:

  • By tapping on the Guilds table on the far left of the Cantina, the player will see a menu which shows options to Join a Guild, see which Guild their Allies are in, or Create a Guild (see above).
  • On the Join menu, the player will see three suggested Guilds based on their Player Level and personal Time Zone.
  • If the player would like to see other suggested Guilds to join, they may tap on the circular arrows in the upper left.
  • The player may also look at the Guilds their Allies are in, and request to join those Guilds
  • The player may also receive a Guild Invite in their Inbox from Allies or other players who would like them to join their Guild.
  • Guild invitations may only be sent by the Guild Leader and the Guild Officers.
  • The Guild Leader and Guild Officers are also the only ones who can accept or reject join requests from other players.

Guild Roles
There are 3 roles in a Guild: the Leader, Officer, and Member.

  • There can only be one Leader at a time.
  • There can be up to 49 Officers, though typically there are only a small number of Members promoted to Officer by the Leader.
  • Leader: The Leader can edit the Guilds information including external message, icon, minimum player level, and recruitment requirements (invite only vs open). The Leader can also promote/demote Officers, transfer leadership, disband the Guild, and all Officer actions.
  • Officer: The Officers can send invites to Allies, accept/reject join requests, remove members, spend Guild Bank Coins to start a Raid, and all Member actions.
  • Member: A Member can contribute to Guild Activities, Personal Guild Contribution, and Raids. Members can purchase Guild Shipments, view a leaderboard comparing Guild Members (in Manage), participate in Guild Chat, and leave a Guild.

Guild Chat
People in a Guild can talk amongst themselves to strategize and socialize with the brand new Guild Chat system.

  • Chat is currently only available amongst members of a Guild.
  • Players must be an adult to participate in Guild Chat.
  • Tapping on a player’s name in Guild Chat will let you see their Player Profile (more below).
  • Guild Chat is currently available in the Guild home screen and the Cantina screen. We expect to make it accessible elsewhere in the game in a future release.

Guild Currencies

With the introduction of Guilds, EA has added two new currencies.

  • Guild Bank Coins: A currency that is earned by all players through the Personal Guild Contribution Daily Activity. It can be spent by the Leader and Officers to activate Raids.
  • Individual Guild Currency: A currency earned through contributing to shared Guild Activities and completing Raids. It is spent in Guild Shipments to earn rare shards and gear including shards for 2 brand new characters: the Gamorrean Guard and the Jawa Engineer (more below).

Guild Daily Activities

Guilds can participate in Shared Guild Activities that award both overall Guild contribution as well as Individual contribution.

  • Guild members will need to work together to complete these activities, with each activity having multiple tiers of difficulty with increasing rewards.
  • Note that the “day” used in Guild Activities is based on the Time Zone of the Leader.
  • At the completion of the day, if the Guild has completed at least Tier 1 of that day’s Guild Activity requirement, all members will get Individual Guild currency with the highest rewards going to the highest contributors.
  • There is one activity available each day to keep them fresh. Examples of Shared Guild Activities include participation in Dark Side Battles, Light Side Battles, Hard Battles, Cantina Battles, Galactic War, Squad Arena, and Challenges.
  • For activities which require Energy or Cantina Energy, the amount of those currencies expended is used as a proxy for how many separate battles have been completed. This is so that players which have unlocked later Stages are not forced to play the lower Stages in pursuit of the Guild Activity.
  • Every day, players earn Guild Bank Coins for their Guild through contribution to the personal Daily Activity called “Personal Guild Contribution”. This activity is completed through spending energy anywhere in the game (including Cantina Energy) and unlike other activities, it rewards partial completion. Through the “Personal Guild Contribution” activity, each player can earn up to 600 Guild Bank Coins per day, which are used by the Guild Leader to start a Raid. In this way, players who are actively engaging in the rest of the game, will allow your Guild to summon Raids more often.

Player Profile

The update introduces a player profile that will allow not only the player to see his/her stats, but will also allow seeing details about others.

  • The profiles of other players can be accessed through the Allies screen, clicking a player’s name in chat, and the leaderboards found in Manage and PvP.
  • Your personal profile can be accessed by tapping on Player level in the Home screen.
  • Players can now change their name. The first change is free. However, there is a Crystal cost for subsequent name changes. This approach is designed to minimize abuse of the feature.
  • Currently six different stats can be viewed: Total Squad Arena Attacks Won, Total Normal Battles Won, Total hard Battles Won, Total Galactic War Battles Won, Total Guild Raids Won, and Total Guild Bank Coins Earned.
  • Player can view details on any character owned by another player, similar to Squad Arena, but for the entire inventory. This will allow players to show off their character roster and give Guild leaders/officers insight into the value a potential member can provide.
  • Players can now view the Ally code of a Guild members and easily send an Ally request or Guild Invite to a player (if Leader/Officer). Note: Ally Codes/Ally Requests are not shown on the PvP leaderboard to prevent spam for our top players.

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