Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes update 0.3.0 released, full notes here

EA has released the February update (0.3.0) for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The highlight, of course, is the arrival of Grand Master Yoda, who will be available starting February 11th through the Grand Master’s Training event. Available through March 15th, the Jedi-only event is the only way to get the powerful new 7-star character.

“Each difficulty Tier may be completed once, with the sought-after rewards of Grand Master Yoda Shards, Crystals, and heavy credit sums. Complete the majority of the difficulty tiers to earn enough Shards to activate Grand Master Yoda himself, and complete all difficulty Tiers to fully Promote Grand Master Yoda to Seven Star! Plus, only a full party of Jedi may challenge the Grand Master, with each difficulty tier requiring the corresponding Star Rarity of the party members.”

In addition to the new character, today’s update packs a number of other much-needed changes and features, including the ability to preview a PvP opponent’s full squad Gear updates. Check out the highlights below and the full data-mined patch notes here.

  • The Shard Shop, a place where players can trade extra shards of characters they already have maxed out for new character shards
The Shard Shop
  • Preview the entire squad of a player before you challenge them in PvP, allowing you to form a squad that best counters theirs
  • Gear Found Notifications make it easier to find the gear you are seeking for your characters
  • Various bug fixes and visual game improvements

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