Star Wars: Force Arena arrives on App Store, Google Play

Star Wars: Force ArenaNetmarble’s newest mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena has popped up on both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play store; however, it doesn’t appear that the game is playable yet as we are being greeted by a “Server Maintenance” message.

An email from Netmarble confirms that Star Wars: Force Arena will launch “very soon,” so perhaps it’ll be playable later today. Additionally, the free-to-play game has surpassed 1 million pre-registrations which means you get 1,400 crystals if you pre-registered. Of course, we don’t know what that equates to in game, but it’s free, so sign up if you still can.

For those unfamiliar, Star Wars: Force Arena is a real-time action-strategy game (1v1 and 2v2) in which you lead a team of powerful heroes (more than 80s cards to choose from) from all movies in the Star Wars franchise (including the recently released Rogue One!) into combat against other players from around the world.

Star Wars: Force Arena appears to blend gameplay from MOBA-style games such as DOTA and League of Legends as well as Supercell’s massively-popular Clash Royale. That is, you build a deck for your squad then use those cards to bring the characters to life on the battlefield as you push down lanes to destroy the enemy base.

Stay tuned for when Star Wars: Force Arena officially launches.


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