Star Wars: Commander: How to get free Crystals

Star Wars Commander crystals Star Wars: Commander is a newly released MMORTS for iOS and Android mobile devices. Gameplay is very similar to that of Clash of Clans, in that you build a base, defend said base, build and army, and use that army to attack other players. Of course, it’s all masked under the guise of the Star Wars franchise, featuring characters from the beloved universe. In the game, there are two main types of currency (Credits and Alloy), and one premium currency, Crystals, which can be spent on a number of things including: 1) to speed up construction; 2) purchase more droids to increase the number of buildings you can construct; 3) speed up troop training; 4) an alternative resource to construct a building should you not have the required amount; 5) and as a way to enable shields to protect yourself from enemy player attacks. As you can see, Crystals have many uses, which is why it’s also the rares form of currency, obtainable through in-game microtransactions. Here’s the pricing structure:

  • $4.99 = 500 Crystals
  • $9.99 = 1,200 Crystals
  • $19.99 = 2,500 Crystals
  • $49.00 = 6,500 Crystals
  • $99.99 = 14,000 Crystals

But what if you don’t want to spend money to get Crystals? While it’ll likely take a lot longer to obtain the amount you desire, there are ways to get Crystals for FREE in Star Wars: Commander. Special Offer Located under the “Treasure” section of the Shop (the place where you purchase Crystals), you’ll find a category located on the far right titled “Special Offer”. You can earn free Crystals by performing certain tasks such as “Check out the Walmart circular for local deals” and Joining a free Fantasy Football league in Yahoo. The number of Crystals you can earn varies based on the offer, so find one that works for you. Beating the single-player chapters Star Wars: Commander offers a pretty entertaining single player, chapter-based campaign mode. Though it functions mostly as a tutorial, it’s also a good way to earn Crystals. Each time you complete one of the chapters, you will earn a Crystal reward, which increases with every successive chapter that you beat. Currently, there are nine chapters, but expect the developers to add more with future updates as time goes on. Review the game While playing, you’ll occasionally get a popup from Obi-Wan Kenobi asking you to review the game. Hit the review button and you’ll get 25 free Crystals, even if you choose not to review the game. Link the game to your Facebook By simply linking your game to your Facebook profile, you’ll get 10 Crystals for free. Clear base junk This is by far one of the easiest, straightforward ways to earn free Crystals. Scattered around your base are piles of, well, junk and rocks. By tapping on this debris and clearing it, you can earn free Crystals (usually around 80% of the time). It does cost resources to clear the debris, but small junk and small rocks are very cheap to get rid of. Medium rocks and junk are a little more pricey, while large junk and large rock piles are much more expensive. Obviously, the larger piles reward you with more Crystals. Well, that’s all we’ve got so far. Unlike Clash of Clans, there are currently no Achievements that reward you with free Crystals upon completion — at least not yet (or not that I know of). If you know of any other ways to earn free Crystals in Star Wars: Commander, let us know in the comments below.


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