Sounds like Pokémon GO will get Pokémon trading

Pokemon GO Trading

For as successful as the launch of Pokémon GO has been for Nintendo and its fans, there’s no question that it’s missing some of the franchise’s core elements — mainly, Pokémon trading.

The idea of trading Pokémon has been deeply engraved in the franchise for some time, whether it’s trading the actual physical Pokémon cards or the digital characters in a video games.

Trading allows another way for fans to connect, and for a game as sociable as Pokémon GO, it’s a mystery why it’s not a feature in the game.

Even Niantic CEO John Hanke admits when talking to Business Insider UK about introducing trade into Pokémon GO, “It’s kind of a core element.”

While not a flat out confirmation that Pokémon trading is coming to the game, Hanke’s comment does suggest that this is a feature Niantic is well aware of that fans desire, and something the company is possibly working on.

Interestingly, the initial reveal trailer for Pokémon GO did show off Pokémon trading, so it’s clearly something Niantic was aware of (unless that was just for hype and marketing).

In any case, it seems Pokémon GO lends itself quite nicely to trading. Since the game requires you to physically  travel all around to find Pokémon, the ability to trade with friends is something I’m sure we would all greatly appreciate — especially those unable to travel further distances. Not only that, but it adds an entirely new layer of sociability to the game, which already requires players on the same team to work together to claim Gyms.


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