The Sims FreePlay: Teacher’s Pet Quest Walkthrough (Downtown High School)

Teacher’s Pet is a Discovery Quest introduced with The Sims FreePlay’s Downtown High School update. Below is the complete walkthrough and time required to complete the Teacher’s Pet Quest, which can reward you with Vernon the Teacup Pig if completed within the limited time. Completing this quest will open up access to the Class Clown Hobby.

Build the Downtown High School

To gain access to the Teacher’s Pet quest you must first build the Downtown High School.

If you don’t have access to the Downtown area of Simtown, you must first build the Simtown Express (1 Day/$100,000).

The Downtown High School will take 2 Days, 18 Hours to build, costs $850,000, and requires 19 Sims in your town. It adds $400,000 to your Town Value.

Teacher’s Pet Discovery Quest Walkthrough

Sims FreePlay - Teacher's Pet Quest Walkthrough

Once you build the Downtown High School and meet all of the other requirements, you can begin the Teacher’s Pet Quest.

“Your Sim accepts a summer job as Groundskeeper at Downtown High. With all the students on holidays, what could possibly go wrong?”

Completing the Teacher’s Pet quest will give you access to the Class Clown Hobby. You can start this Hobby by tapping on the English Room in Downtown High.

As a bonus, if you can complete the Teacher’s Pet Quest in the allotted time (8 days) you will be rewarded with Vernon the Teacup Pig as a pet.

Step-By-Step Guide to Teacher’s Pet Quest

  1. Visit Downtown High
  2. Phone the principal – 1 minute
  3. Clean up the front of the school – 2 hours 30 minutes x3, 1 hour x4, 30 minutes, 5 minutes (use 9 sims at the same time!)
  4. Play with soccer ball – 5 minutes
  5. Clean the sports field – 4 hours 10 minutes, 2 hours 30 minutes x3, 1 hour 30 minutes x3 , 1 hour x5
  6. Phone the principal again – 1 hour 40 minutes
  7. Say Hello to Vernon – 3 hours 20 minutes
  8. Feed Vernon – 6 hours 40 minutes
  9. Lie down on a school bench – 2 hours
  10. Search the field – 10 minutes
  11. Send a Sim to the Park
  12. Search the fountain – 7 hours 5 minutes
  13. Answer the call from the Principal – 2 hours 30 minutes
  14. Check Coach’s email on a computer – 8 hours
  15. Photograph ‘Vernon’ – 13 hours 30 minutes
  16. Adjust photo on a computer – 3 hours 20 minutes
  17. Return to the Park
  18. Follow the trail of rubbish in the Park
  19. Have two Sims in a house lot
  20. Have your Sim lie to another Sim – 8 hours 20 minutes
  21. Watch a sports event on TV – 9 hours 30 minutes
  22. Sit and think of a solution – 1 hour 12 minutes
  23. Confess to five sims – 5 hours x5
  24. Workshop a solution – 14 hours 10 minutes
  25. Send five Sims to Downtown High sports field
  26. Perform sports activities at the Downtown High sports field – 18 hours 20 minutes (5 sims)
  27. Hug Vernon – 22 hours 30 minutes
  28. Build the classroom – 10 seconds, §500

Sims FreePlay - Teachers Pet Quest Class Clown Hobby Sims FreePlay - Teachers Pet Quest Teacup Pig

For a complete video walkthrough of the Teacher’s Pet Quest, check out the video below:


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