The Sims FreePlay ‘Mean Curls’ event starts tomorrow

A small update to the welcome message of The Sims FreePlay announces that the “Mean Curls” timed event will begin tomorrow.

The message reads:

“Chic new hairstyles are coming to SimTown tomorrow! Make sure to have the Promotions’R’Us Store built so that you’re prepared!”

Once again, no details are offered. However, the associated image seems to suggest that rewards will come in the form of various curly hair styles.

“Mean Curls” will be a time limited hobby event, similar to the “Wedding Belles” event that just ended. Like other limited hobby events, you’ll likely have to farm materials by grinding a specific hobby, and then use those materials to unlock the various tiered hairstyle prizes.

*The Mean Curls Hobby Event is now live! Check out the new Curly Hairstyles here*


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