The Sims FreePlay ‘Mean Curls’ Event Walkthrough & Guide

The Sims FreePlay‘s ‘Mean Curls’ Hobby Event has officially started. This new, limited-time event gives you 9 days to unlock all-new curly hairstyles for your Female Sims.

“A specialist hairstyle event has arrived, bringing a score of voguish hairdos to SimTown!” the description reads.

The Mean Curls Event is tied to the Fashion Designer hobby. You can purchase a Fashion Studio from the Promotions’R’Us Store.

There are a total of 9 new curly hairstyles you can unlock by completing the Fashion Designer hobby collection 9 times. Each time you complete the collection (by finding all 12 fashion pieces), you unlock a new hairstyle. The catch is that you only have 9 days. Although you do get to keep any hairstyle you unlock, even if you don’t find them all.

Because of the timed nature of this event, you’ll want to maximize you and your Sims’ times so that they work efficiently.

In this walkthrough are some tips and guides to help complete The Sims FreePlay’s Mean Curls Event.

Set Up A Fashion Studio Assembly Line

Sims FreePlay Fashion Studio Hobby

The most efficient way to complete the Mean Curls event is to have as many Sims working on the Fashion Designer hobby as possible.

First build a room large enough to fit 10 Fashion Studios in it. Have 10 Sims working on the hobby at once. It’s easiest to keep track of everyone if they are all working in one house.

Fastest Way to Complete Fashion Designer Collections

Note that once you accept this event, it will remove the fashion designs you have previously created from the collection so that you don’t have a head start. The good news is that if you have a level 6 Fashion Designer Sim already, you’re ahead of the game.

If you don’t already have a Sim that is a level 6 Fashion Designer you are unfortunately at a disadvantage since certain designs require level 6.

If you already have a level 6 Fashion Designer Sim, your best choice is to complete the 10 minute option over and over. You will find the most designs this way. If the 10 minute options requires too much of your attention, do whatever lowest time works for your schedule.

If you don’t have a level 6 Fashion Designer Sim, try and get one as quickly as possible (do the 12 hour option) so that you unlock the chance for all designs.

Fashion Designer Hobby Collections

Unlocking All 9 ‘Mean Curls’ Hairstyles

As I mentioned, there are a total of 9 new curly hairstyle rewards for the Mean Curls event. To unlock them, you must complete the Fashion Designer Hobby Collection. That means finding all 12 fashion pieces. While you get experience for completing rows, you MUST complete the entire collection to unlock a hairstyle. This is why it’s important to have a level 6 Fashion Designer.

The best suggestion I can offer is GRIND, GRIND, GRIND.

If you already have a level 6 Fashion Designer Sim you are already at an advantage. In that case, just grind as quickly as possible and you should be fine.

If you’re pressed for time, you can use LPs to finish a whole row, but the price varies depending on the row.

REMEMBER to start a New Collection once you have collected all the pieces.



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