The Sims FreePlay ‘Mean Curls’ Event coming soon

The Sims FreePlay’s  ‘Mean Curls’ Hobby Event is now live! Check out the new Curly Hairstyles here!The Sims FreePlay Mean Curls

Chic new hairstyles are coming to The Sims FreePlay. Firemonkeys has announced the “Mean Curls” Event is coming soon to the game.

We don’t have the details yet, but it looks to provide female sims all new curly hairstyles.

“Mean Curls” will be a time limited hobby event, similar to the “Wedding Belles” event that just ended. Like other limited hobby events, you’ll likely have to farm materials by grinding a specific hobby, and then use those materials to unlock the various tiered hairstyle prizes.

The “Mean Curls” event will most likely use the Fashion Studio hobby, so you can prepare ahead of time by purchasing 10 Fashion Studios ($2500 each) and setting them all up into a single room. This will ensure that you’ll have the max number of Sims farming the materials so you can unlock the hairstyles quicker.


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