Rooms Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

Rooms is an game in which you must solve puzzles and hidden mysteries to open the doors and escape. It’s a brain teasing game developed for iOS by FV iMAGINATION. You have to shake, swipe, and press the images on the screen to solve the puzzles. Below is a walkthrough for Rooms for iOS.

Rooms Level 51 Answer: Put the number “37” into the box and open the door. How we solved it: Count how many times each shape appears and put it into the equation: 129-92=37. 3 goes into the first box, 7 goes into the second box.

Rooms Level 52 Answer: Tilt your device sideways as indicated by the picture below the room number. Match up the arrows (and dot) to the roman numerals on the right. Perform the actions on the dotted lines: Swipe right 1 time; swipe left 4 times; swipe down 2 times; tap 3 times. The door will open.

Rooms Level 53 Answer: Figure out where the three chess pieces (under the room number) belong at the start of the chess game. Press the buttons corresponding to these squares (from left to right): 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th. Open the two white boxes and change the left to 4 (queen is in the 4th spot) and the right to 18 (rook is in 1st and 8th spot) to unlock the door.

Rooms level 53 answer

Rooms Level 54 Answer: First figure out the equation by counting the dots (in each column): 12122 – 11211 = 911. Change the numbers of the three squares above the door to “911”. Tap the two torches, then open the door.

Rooms Level 55 Answer: Tap the boxes until they are split into the number of pieces indicated by the corresponding number. Tap the lock to unlock the door, then open the door.

Rooms level 55

Congratulations. You’ve completed levels 51 through 55 of Rooms.



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