Rooms Walkthrough: Levels 1 2 3 4 5

Rooms is an game in which you must solve puzzles and hidden mysteries to open the doors and escape. It’s a brain teasing game developed for iOS by FV iMAGINATION. You have to shake, swipe, and press the images on the screen to solve the puzzles. Below is a walkthrough for Rooms for iOS.

Rooms Level 1 Answer: Start at the dot and use the arrows to navigate to the end. Press the arrows in this order: Down, Right, Down, Left. Tap the door to open.

Rooms Level 2 Answer: Shake your device left and right until you hear three clicks (4-1=3). Then press the door.

Rooms Level 3 Answer: Use two fingers and slide the door open from right to left.

Rooms Level 4 Answer: Tap the clock and change it so it shows: 12 o’clock midnight. Then press the door.

Rooms Level 5 Answer: Change the number with the circle around it to “22”. It complete the pattern:

  • 7+6=13
  • 8+9=17
  • 10=22

Then press the door.

Congratulations. You’ve completed levels 1 through 5 of Rooms.



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