Riddle Me That Walkthrough: Questions 1-5

Riddle Me That is a new word puzzle game for iOS devices. While there are multiple versions of the game available on Android, this walkthrough is specifically for the game created by Gummy Crush. (this one).

Below are the answers to Questions 1 through 5 of the game.

Question 1: ‘I’m the son of water but when i return to water. I die. Who am i?’

Question 2: ‘What do you get if you milk a cow after an earthquake?’

Question 3: ‘A father’s child, a mother’s child, yet no one’s son’

Question 4: ‘I travel the world and I am drunk constantly’

Question 5: ‘I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even’

Continue to levels 6 through 10 of Riddle Me That.



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