Puzzle & Dragons Update 7.1.1 patch notes

On September 24, 2014, Puzzle & Dragons received an update featuring quite a bit new content including new monsters (and new Gods); new Ultimate Evolutions for classic monsters such as Hera-Ur, Dark Archdemon Luciver, Susano and more; updates to Skill and Awoken Skills; content for select Descended Dungeons; adjusted Orb colors; and expanded Monster Box size.

Below are the full patches notes detailed by developer GungHo Online Entertainment:

Two of the baddest devils in Puzzle & Dragons just got a bad new look. Hera-Ur ascends to Pop Super Stardom, and Fallen Angel Lucifer dons a dark new cloak.

For all the recipes included in this update, see here: 7.1.1 Content Update

For more information on Ultimate Fusions, see What is Ultimate Fusion? and the Ultimate Fusion Table of Contents.

Beelzebub Skill Changes

WARNING: At the time of this update, Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub has had his active skill changed from Deadly Drive (Water and Dark orbs enhanced, 15-10 turns) to Hell’s Charge (Recover 4649 HP, Dark Orbs Enhanced, 10-6 turns).

For more details on this, see our previous post: Beelzebub Active Skill Change

Skill Changes

Vritra has received a change to his active skill, but that’s not all! The total list of changes is MASSIVE. See the Content Update for all the info!

Awoken Skill Changes

Attribute Resistances have been improved, increasing the amount of damage reduced.

Cost Changes

Several monsters have had their costs lowered to increase their viability.

Dungeon Changes

Zeus Vulcan Descended! and Extreme God Rush will have changes made to the enemy skills used.

Monster Box Changes

The Monster Box Maximum Capacity has been increased from 1100 to 1500.

Orb Colors Adjusted

Graphical enhancements have been made to the rendering of orbs. Note: this does not change their color; colors are enhanced.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed minor bugs

– Other miscellaneous improvements


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