Puzzle & Dragons Update 6.4.2 patch notes

GungHo Online Entertainment America has released update 6.4.2 for Puzzle & Dragons. The big feature is the addition of color blind assistance, but there’s a ton of other changes as well. Below are the full patch notes for update 6.4.2, available for download now.

  • New Ultimate Fusions for several popular series of monsters, including the Ninjas and Late Bloomer Dragons
  • Improved Leader Skills for the Hero Gods, Awoken Skill Changes and Additions Made to Several Monsters
  • New Difficulties (“-Mythical”) for the Daily Dungeons (Tues, Thurs, Fri) with new Evo Materials Available
  • Color Blind Support Function added
  • Option to disable Mass Attack animations
  • Download bar visualization changes
  • Score Mode feature added, with Top Ranks displayed on certain Special dungeons

iOS Only

  • iCloud in-app Restore Feature now available.

Android Only

  • SD Card Data Migration now available.

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