Police arrest man who threatens to ‘purge’ Pokémon GO players

Nathan Cerda threatens Pokemon Go players

Nathan Garcia Cerda, a 29 year-old-sex-offender, was arrested by Harlingen police on Saturday after he made public comments on Facebook threatening to “purge” Pokémon GO players around him.

On Facebook, Cerda warned (via Twitter):

“All u Pokémon go people tomorrow me and some friends are taking our modified paintball guns and we gonna Purge… And I know you stupid people are walking all over the place looking at the phone trying to find these Pokemon. tomorrow we are oging to be everywhere so be aware of all your surroundings.. We going to have some fun tomorrow fuck it. even my sister is oging to purge tomorrow lol lol hahahaha so your ass better not be walking.”

Harlingen Police were tipped off about the public comments made ont he social media website, and due to the “credibility of the threat and in the interest of public safety,” the Harlingen Police Department and Cameron County District Attorney’s Office initiated a criminal investigation on Cerda. It resulted in the issuance of a felony warrant for Terroristic Threat.

Cerda was arrested at his residents in Palmview on July 16th and was transported to the Harlingen Police Department. He’s currently awaiting magistration by a judge.

You can read the full report here.


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