Pokémon GO update: New ‘Pokémon Appraisal’ adds strategy to collecting and combat

Pokemon GOA new update for Pokémon GO is rolling out, and while patch notes are vague, Niantic did specifically call out the implementation of a new “Pokémon Appraisal” feature.

According to Niantic:

“Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.”

For those of you who have never played a Pokémon game before, this may sound a bit confusing. You see, the Pokémon series actually has quite a bit of strategy when it comes to combat. And though the early versions of Pokémon GO are relatively shallow in that aspect, this is the first step in implementing more layers.

Basically, Pokémon have different “individual values” or IVs. Even if you have two of the exact same types of Pokémon (say, two Pikachu), they could have subtly different statistics (even if they are the same level with the same abilities). This could make a big difference in battle.

While these types of stats or values have been present in Pokémon GO, there was no easy way to access them. Until now. With Pokémon Appraisal, you’ll now be able to see these stats, essentially adding another layer to think about when assembling your team.

As for the rest of the update, Niantic was pretty vague, but did promise “several new and exciting features to come in the future.”

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