Pokémon GO servers are down, and people are freaking out

Pokémon GO server down

Do you know how you can tell it’s nice weather around the world? Pokémon GO’s servers are down.

The popular mobile game, which launched released in the UK and Europe last week (following a U.S. release earlier this month), appears to be down, as reports of server outages are spreading.

According to the app’s official Twitter account, “All servers appear to be offline. Hang in there, trainers.”

No reason for the outage has been given, but I’m going to guess it has a lot to do with the massive amount of people trying to play the game. Servers experienced similar issues during the game’s launch in the United States, as well, and it was fixed shortly afterward.

Users worldwide are reporting problems, and Twitter is littered with people unsure of what to do now that the servers are down.

Hopefully the issues are fixed soon, or else there might be a riot on our hands.


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