Pocket Titans is Candy Crush meets XCOM meets Game of Thrones, coming in September

Pocket TitansKumotion, a newly formed publisher of mobile games announced today that Pocket Titans, an RPG adventure that blends elements of Candy Crush Saga, XCOM, and Game of Thrones, is due for release in September for iPhone and Ipad.

Pocket Titans is a turn based RPG puzzle adventure game, designed to blend the tactical decision making of games like XCOM, with the logical puzzle and casual play style associated with the likes of Candy Crush Saga, set in the fantasy world of mages, rogues and orcs. The game features 8 playable character classes, 30 enemy classes, boss battles, and two player head-to-head battles.

“Although I am a more hardcore gamer, I have a young family and don’t have the time for big console titles anymore. I wanted to make a fun, short session game that retained the spirit of the games l enjoy playing,” said technical lead John Payne.

Art lead Ian Pestridge added: “It is so refreshing to have the creative freedom to make the game we wanted. Making a game in your spare time can be hard. It has taken a great deal of commitment, but we are really proud of how Pocket Titans has turned out.”

Pocket Titans is currently in closed beta. It will be available on the App Store in early September for $0.99.


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